34.2: A Close Call

My face felt like it was melting off. I pressed my hand against it, only to quickly pull it away and yelp. Celeste’s rage was so intense that it managed to burn my face. Hopefully it wasn’t too serious.

Celeste rubbed her face, examining the blood that spilled from her cheek. She had been struck by something. Judging by the scrape marks, it had to be something rough. A rock? A brick?

I took another step backward out of fear. However, I quickly lifted my foot up after hearing the crunching of shattered glass. The window had already been shattered when I broke into the house. Maybe that was why neither one of us heard the projectile, whatever it was.
“Hey! How about you stay away from my friend!?”

That voice...no, he was supposed to be evacuating!

“Wyatt!? What the hell are you doing here!?” I yelled through the window, making sure to keep my eyes on Celeste.

“Saving you! What does it look like!?”

Aggravated, I glared at Wyatt from the window. He stood nonchalantly, and in his hand was a rock about the size of a baseball.

“You might wanna move out the way,” he smirked as he tossed another stone towards Celeste’s face.

Celeste, however, was prepared for it. Just before the rock connected with her jaw, she snatched it away with her left hand. She scowled at Wyatt, crushing it in her hand.

“Since the body count will be so high, you two will have to share a coffin,” she snarled.

“Wyatt, you need to go, I begged.

“No! You can’t stop her on your own, Elijah. You would be dead without me here!”

“Unlike you, Elijah, he’s not afraid to face me,” Celeste took a step forward. “I think I’ll enjoy watching him suffer much more.”

“Oh no you don’t.”

Celeste’s hand froze in midair against her will. She tugged and tugged but was unable to break free. She turned around to see who had snagged her wrist, and snickered when she saw the face.

Behind her was Solana, wearing a face of determination and wielding a tenacious grip. However, through her rigid exterior were concerned eyes, still muddled by the scene playing out before her.

Wyatt, you clever little—

“You three look like you’re going to have a grand old time!” Wyatt laughed. “Be sure to tell me about it later!”

I breathed a sigh of relief as Wyatt jogged away. How could I be mad at him when he managed to even the odds? Nonetheless, I couldn’t get over the feeling of wanting to punch him in the face for making me worry so much.

Then again, he probably wanted to do the same to me.

The End

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