33.4: Each Other's Pain

He paused for a moment, “Fine. I’ll go. Just...promise me you won’t get yourself killed.”

I smiled, “I won’t.”

Wyatt turned to his grandmother, “Let’s go, Grandma.”

“Elijah, be safe.”

“I will, Mrs. Sands.”

The two of them hurried out the front door, leaving Celeste and me alone in the kitchen. Her rage created a wave of heat in the room. I broke into a sweat, but I did my best to hold the fear back.

“Now that those two are gone, we can finally have our little chat,” her lips extended wickedly.

“You did all this because of what happened to your father? All this because of your animosity towards me?”

“It’s because of you that my father is dead! It’s because of you that I have to suffer! Your parents should’ve died that day, not mine. So, rather than killing you, I thought it would be a better idea for you to feel the same pain I did! I hope you enjoy watching your home become nothing but ash and dust!”

“You’re hurting innocent people all for revenge!?”

“Just like how my father was unjustly murdered! Do you really think that this situation is any different? Innocent people are dying now, just as my innocent father did!”

“This isn’t justice, Celeste. This is genocide.

“I’m not looking for justice anymore! I’ve waited far too long for someone to make amends. Justice is impossible when the people around you are so damn entitled!”

I scowled at her, “I didn’t ask the Master to pardon my parents. Hell, I didn’t even ask for this.” I forced my Essence into my hand once again. “You might think I’m out to ruin your life, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth!”

Celeste paused to examine my hand. Her silence was halted by a condescending snicker, “You’re trembling.”

I looked down at the appendage in question. She was right. My arm was shaking like a leaf. I honestly thought I was concealing my angst well, but my facade of bravery was as transparent as the air around us.

Her chuckle grew into an arrogant laugh, “Are you afraid? You should be. After all, this is where you’ll die. You’re untrained, inexperienced, and worst of all, you’re a coward. Out of the entire Order, you’re supposed to be the glimmer of hope? Give me a break.”

“Honestly, I don’t get what Solana sees in you, because there is nothing inside of you. I’ve seen what makes you tick, the gears that grind around that dark void in your heart. How does it make you feel right now, knowing that your entire world is crumbling down around you?”

In that instant, a sharp pain drilled into my heart. I winced, making sure not to reveal it to Celeste. As much as I wanted to ignore it, the emptiness in my heart persevered.

“Looks like I struck a nerve,” she haughtily leaned on the kitchen counter. “Does the baby need his bottle?”

I growled at her in an attempt to endure the pain, “It doesn’t matter what you say to me. I’m taking you back to the Order.”

“Well?” she asked, forming a sphere of Essence in her open palm. “Let’s see if you can keep that promise.”

The End

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