30.3: Next in Line

I had seen what Greens are capable of. The Essence Burst had the potentially to be lethal or remedial. A double-edged sword, something that my mom was well-versed in. But Green seemed very difficult to master. Melodie was a fantastic healer, but her Essence didn’t have enough destructive power to cause much damage. Celeste was the exact opposite. She could muster up ample force within her to singe holes into the most durable materials, but couldn’t even fix a broken toe.

“Okay,” I looked at the Master with a confused frown, “but who is my mentor, then?”

“That is why I brought that list of trainees. I am still working on arranging that. Even though I am in charge of the Order, my organizational habits leave much to be desired. I know for certain that there are several candidates that are not busy, but I need to assess every option. I hope you can forgive me, Elijah. I have never dealt with a dilemma as important as this.”

“Important?” I raised an eyebrow. “Is my training really that important?”

“Elijah, your training is even more important than our field operatives. A White Guardian has so much more to learn than any other Guardian, and so, I must determine the most efficient way of granting you the training you need, especially if you will be the one to take this throne when I am unable.”

“Wait. I’m going to be the next Master?”

“Traditionally, the throne is passed on to the strongest White Guardian in the Order. You are the only White Guardian. Therefore, this throne will be yours eventually. But fret not. It will be quite some time before I am unfit to handle the position.”

“What did you do when there weren’t any Whites?”

“We held elections. Every Guardian registered in the archive was allowed to vote for who they believed would be the best fit as the Master. Essentially, every Guardian over the age of ten participated, as that is the age when our younger trainees are considered true members of the Order. That is how I came into power sixteen years ago.”

“Oh,” I was still coming to terms with the fact that I was next in line for the throne.

“You will meet your mentor tomorrow. For now, rest up. I will collect you during the next Excitus.”

The Master walked over to his throne and slid the papers back into the clipboard. He sat back down, sorting through the clutter on his lap. Now was my chance.

“Actually, sir,” I hesitated. “I wanted to ask you something, if you’re not too busy.”

“By all means. Ask me whatever you would like.”

Where was the best place to start? This was sensitive information that not many Guardians had. How could I squeeze it out of him without creating a fuss? I pondered several ideas, but none of them seemed like they would lead to the result I desired.

“My parents...were they...traitors?

The End

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