30.2: A Tricky Decision

The Castle’s intricate hallways no longer daunted me. It wasn’t much trouble for me to reach the throne room, especially with the Master guiding me. When we arrived, he demanded I wait at the base of the steps. The Master walked through one of the sets of doors behind his throne, shutting it behind him.

I tapped my foot impatiently, hoping to ease the churning sensation in my stomach. Time was at a standstill. How long before I could finally get this off my chest?

The Master emerged from his chamber with a clipboard tucked between his arms. He walked up the steps and tossed it on his throne. Papers flung about, leaving a disheveled mess.

“If you think this is a mess, you should see my office,” the Master chuckled.

“What are the papers for?”

“This is a list of all of the trainees and their mentors. I needed it to double-check that who I have in mind is not already handling our younger apprentices. I apologize that this is taking so long, but we rarely have any Hiddens join the Order. Protocol for selecting a mentor is not clearly expounded. In addition, none of our records explicitly state how I should have gone about choosing the color you shall train.”

“Do you not have a mentor for me?”

“I do have one. I just wanted you to understand my decision process. I had narrowed it down to three different colors—Yellow, Green, and Blue. Yellow and Green Essence were based on the assumption that you would have a natural affinity for them because they were the colors of your parents.”

Of course he had to remind me about them.

“I also took Blue into consideration, seeing how well Solana handled your training. For her first student, she did a marvelous job. Having her teach you the ways of molding Essence would be just as effective.”

Training with Solana again would be perfect. If I had a say in this, I would have immediately chosen her. It wasn’t even because we were dating though. She knew how to push me to my limits without discouraging me. She motivated me to become stronger.

Plus, the ability to create weapons out of thin air sounded amazing. Solana didn’t show it off much, but when she did, a child-like excitement would always possess me.

“So, after narrowing down the options, I checked the lists on—or rather, scattered—about my throne. We had no one qualified enough to commence your Yellow training aside from Solana’s mother, Melissa Valenti. She, however, is in charge of education for our youngest Guardians, and simply does not have the time to take you under her wing.”

“The decision between Blue and Green was very difficult. However, I have finally come to a resolution. You shall be learning the power of Green Essence, following in the footsteps of your mother, Eve.”

The End

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