29.2: A Certain Air About Him

“What!? But I was told there would be a test!”

Solana stumbled backwards, clutching her stomach in laughter. “The Master has been coming in periodically to gauge your progress,” she tried to explain as she composed herself. “Now that he saw you beat me, he made the decision to call off your training.”

“He’s been visiting? But...how!? I would’ve noticed him if he was standing there all this time.”

“You didn’t notice him now, did you?” Solana raised an eyebrow.


“Allow me to shed some light on the situation, then.”

The Master encased himself in an incandescent amethyst aura. Although, the vibrant Essence that dazzled before me only lingered for a few seconds. The Master’s body, however, disappeared along with it.

“What the—where’d he go!?” I screamed, searching the tent for his whereabouts.

“Wait for it…” Solana’s lips extended devilishly.

“Wait for wh—”

A warm feeling rushed from my left shoulder, petrifying me. My face numbed in terror as I slowly turned my head. There was nothing there. I looked towards Solana until the same sensation manifested on my other shoulder. This time, I turned instantly, in case I missed it the first time. Again, nothing.

I faced forward again, but staggered backwards when the Master appeared in front of me. The shock of watching him appear and reappear was enough to toss me to the ground.

Solana fell and rolled around on the dirt. Her laughter nearly consumed all of her words, “Elijah! Your face was priceless! I can’t—I can’t hold it in!”

“You can teleport!?” my eyes widened.

“What you saw was not teleporting,” he snickered. “Although, it does make for quite the laugh when I do that to new trainees.”

“Then what the hell did you do!?”

“Purple Essence can be manipulated into any non-solid material. It can become fire, lightning, even the air around us. So, I am able to shroud myself in my Essence, then transform it into air, something that the human eye cannot see. Thus, I can use it to skulk about the Castle without anyone being aware of my presence. Although, it’s not perfect. I cannot mute my footsteps, nor can I sneak about without leaving footprints in places like, say, this dirt.”

The Master gestured to the field around him. Several sets of imprints were pressed into the soil, three to be exact. I recognized the rectangular pattern as the outsole of my running shoes and the flat diamond design of Solana’s high-tops. The third, however, had two sections: the heel and the ball of the foot. After examining the Master’s loafers, it was safe to say that the footprints belonged to him.

My jaw dropped, “Will I be able to learn that?”

“Perhaps,” he stroked his beard. “I do not know the full extent of a White’s abilities, since none of us have been around to actually see one.”


“Anyways, you have shown drastic improvement from when you first arrived at the Castle. Now that you have completed your basic training, I will deliberate which Essence you should learn first. Again, I do not fully comprehend the true capabilities of your Essence. It will require some extensive research on my part, but do not fret. I will make a decision by Duscan. You two are free to spend the rest of the day as you please.”

I nodded in consent, “Thank you, Master.”

“You are welcome, Elijah. You will become one of our strongest Guardians in due time. I am sure your parents will be pleased whenever you find them.”

My parents. My parents. In all of my time with Solana, I completely neglected to speak with the Master about them. I was so distracted by love that I forgot the entire reason that I was here in the first place. A whole month went by and I hadn’t found any new leads to follow.

The End

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