27.2: A Powerful Embrace

So many of them. So many Guardians arriving from New Perfi. There had to be hundreds, maybe more. After how desolate the Castle seemed, I finally learned why it was so gigantic. It needed to be that large to provide everyone with comfortable living space.

As Guardians began welcoming their loved ones, a rainbow of Essence spread throughout the mob. All sorts of brilliant colors blended in the atmosphere. Each radiated a welcoming heat, as if the Order were huddled around a furnace. The wonderful scene pulled my lips apart, knocking me from my awestruck stupor.

I imagined a scenario like this happening, except in an empty void with my parents wrapping me in their grasp. I could envision our white, yellow, and green Essences flooding the oblivion with a pale chartreuse.

Solana shocked me back into reality after I was freed from her crushing grip. She slowly danced between the Guardians, taking up as little space as possible. When she was a considerable distance away, I began to follow. I, on the other hand, was not as nimble as Solana. People cried in short bursts of pain as I stumbled over their toes.

After apologizing to several people, I found Solana staring out at the forest edge. There, a couple walked out from the grove. The woman wore the same blonde hair as Solana, although rather than having it tied in a ponytail, hers was loose and fell behind her shoulders. The man’s eyes resembled her iridescent sapphire eyes. It didn’t take long for me to realize who Solana was entranced by.

In that instant, everything around us stopped. Solana froze in place, and her parents stood near the forest, smiling at their emotional child. Time continued once again, and when it did, Solana flung herself in their direction, tears dripping from her eyes, inaudible groans expelling from her throat.

Solana’s parents encased her in a profound embrace. Their breathing synchronized as they held each other in their arms. A mixture of blue and yellow Essence poured from their hearts, marking their reunion with joy.

I continued to watch them from a distance, feeling rather envious of Solana. Who knew if I would ever feel that kind of bliss again? That kind of happiness couldn’t be handed to me like it was to her. I had to fight for it.

However, the jealousy was quickly overcome by my own kind of comfort. It made me glad to see Solana reunited with her parents. No one else deserved to feel the pain that I endured. I couldn’t bare to see someone like Solana become as empty as I had. It was her radiance, her animated spirit, and her amiable heart that pulled me away from the waterfall of anguish, just before I was about to tumble down it. It was her spry personality that gave me the courage to move forward.

I never wanted to see her sad; I could hardly bare seeing those joyful tears trickle down her face right now. Seeing her break down would tear me apart inside. All I yearned for at this moment was to watch her ravishing Essence meld with that of her parents.

The End

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