Interlude: Between the Lines (Part I)

Solana frowned at her mailbox. Empty. Now was not the time for it to be empty. She awaited the next letter to return from her parents in New Perfi. She tapped her foot impatiently, as if an envelope would appear in the steel alcove with time. It would eventually, but Solana didn’t want to wait any longer, or rather, she couldn’t afford to wait any longer.

She closed her mailbox and stood up, extending her arm out to the side. There, she waited ardently for another courier to surge by. Her impatience could not be relieved by excessively smacking her thigh, or the brisk thumping of her toes to the rickety wood floor. Of all the times for the couriers to have taken their time…

At last, Solana was flung backwards by the unforeseen impact. She had been so occupied with her thoughts that she could not prepare herself for the oncoming cannon. However, the courier that was knocked to the adjacent wall was just as surprised. After regathering his bearings, the courier pulled himself off of the floor, head throbbing from the sudden whiplash.

“What is with you people? You don’t have to do that to get your damn mail!” the courier grabbed the back of his head to mitigate the discomfort.

“Moisés, please tell me you just came from New Perfi,” Solana’s eyes filled with a certain urgency.

Moisés dusted himself off and flicked the hair away from his eyes. He glared at Solana and crossed his arms, “Yeah, I did. What? Were you expecting a letter?”

“Do you have anything for me? Please, it’s really important.”

“Important enough for you to lose an arm over?” Moisés sighed, “How many times do I have to tell Guardians that they need to wait for their mail. I’m not responsible for when someone’s arm gets torn out of its socket.”

“I’m aware, Moisés,” Solana deadpanned. “I won’t do it again. I really need whatever mail I got from New Perfi, so please, just check for me.”

Moisés shot her an irritated glance, “Fine. All this talking is keeping me from shipping out these letters.”

He rummaged through his enormous satchel, searching for any letters addressed to Solana. Eventually, Moisés found a single, small envelope marked with one word: Solana. Moisés pulled the piece of mail out of his bag and flung it at Solana like a playing card. Solana quickly snapped her fingers onto the letter, avoiding the acute corners. She shifted the envelope around until she saw her name written across it.

Solana sent an empty smile towards Moisés, “Thanks.”

“You can thank me by never doing that again. Now get going. I have letters to sort through, and I’d rather not bump into you on your way out.”

“Right,” Solana nodded and exited the mailroom, gripping the letter tightly.

Solana plodded through the halls of the Castle, until she came upon a familiar door. Standing before Solana was her bedroom, the only place she could think of to read the letter without interruption. No one ever checked for her in there because she was always so active during the day.  Unless it was incredibly important, no Guardian would come by to look for her. Tracking her would be the only way anyone would knock on her door.

Solana threw herself onto her rumpled sheets and stared at the letter in front of her. Anticipation and anxiety flooded the room as her Essence trickled out. All she wanted was some reassurance in the wake of all the anguish that hounded her two best friends. Just a sign that happiness was around the corner.

After a deep breath, Solana tore the flap apart. She hesitated for just a moment; unease numbed her arms and turned her fingers to stone. A few moments passed until she could finally muster up the curiosity to unsheathe the letter from its envelope. She unfolded the parchment that lay within, and read the words to herself:

The End

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