25.3: Day Off

After a few minutes of tracking, the library door was right in front of me. I stopped a few feet in front of it and leaned forward, bending my knees and holding my thighs as support. The connection that I established did quite the number on me. My Essence drained very quickly, just like the first time Solana taught me. Someone could probably blow on me and I would collapse.

Slowly, the strength in my legs returned to me. I hadn’t completely recovered, but it was enough to walk again. Once I could maintain my balance again, I opened the door in front of me and entered the library.

It was just as massive as it was the last time I came here. Aisles of shelves occupied a majority of the room. Across the way, the archive rested on its mahogany pulpit. I didn’t dare to open the book again, tormented by the possibility of bringing back unwanted memories. Instead, I decided to walk the singular row perpendicular to the bookshelves. I never did get to see what the rest of the library held.

I reached the far right wing of the library before stumbling upon a small study. Coffee tables sat in the middle of a few brown leather couches. A rather large book was sprawled across the the table in front of me. Slight tears could be seen in the binding; how long has this been sitting here.

The title of the book was covered up by a white label. On the label was a number and a series of letters, like the serial numbers that libraries used to keep track of books. There was also nothing on the cover. Just a stark, amethyst coating surrounded by a subtle golden lining.

I picked up the book, seeing that it was scribbled all over. Phrases were highlighted with blurbs written between the margins. Certain words were circled with arrows pointing everywhere. Small sticky notes were folded into the pages as well. Whoever was reading this really analyzed the text.

One of the passages, however, was highlighted in a different color. Whereas all of the other excerpts were lifted by a bright yellow, this one was marked with a calming azure:


Some ponder the true purpose of the Solar Convergence. I for one believe that, if there is some higher power at work, to teach us a lesson about the true nature of our humanity. It is there to show the world what lies beneath the facade of human perfection.

For several millennia, humanity feared the darkness. They tried their best to shine light in places where darkness loomed. That was an internal conflict that, to this day, still exemplifies the hardships of our kind. The light is comforting, and the darkness is terrifying. These ancient civilizations tried their best to elevate humanity to perfection, their method of doing so being the eradication of those who would jeopardize the goodness of the monarchy. However, these “cleansings” often led to the downfall of the archaic era...


“The reason being that the ancient peoples were blind to the fact that the light and darkness will never truly separate.”

I quickly tossed the book back on the table and turned around. Keith stood behind me, leaning on the bookcase next to us. He chuckled at my alarmed expression.

The End

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