25.2: Rattled

Solana’s comment gnawed at me for a bit. Was she just trying to keep my mind off of things? There was no way Celeste would be happy with anything that I was doing. So why did Solana act like everything would be fine?

“Training is cancelled for the rest of the day,” Solana began to turn towards my bedroom door. “Although, if you want to sharpen up your skills, the tent is all yours. Sparring wouldn’t be good for you right now. Not after all of that.”

I nodded, “What are you going to do now?”

“I was heading off to the mailroom. My parents have been updating me about New Perfi, and I want to be sure that the Master was right about them being ready to come home soon. I’ll see you later, Elijah.”

I waved her goodbye, “Later, Solana.”

Solana stepped out of my room and gently closed the door. Once I heard the lock snap into a place, I let out a heavy sigh. I had finally calmed down enough to start piecing together everything that Celeste told me.

“Why can’t I remember any of this?” I asked myself in the mirror across from me. For a few moments, I studied the reflection carefully, as if it would actually answer my question.

So now what? Solana gave me the rest of the day off, and TE didn’t even pass yet. The only thought that popped into my mind was to press the Master, but now would have been a terrible time. If all of Celeste’s story sent me into a daze, I couldn’t imagine what would happen if I spoke to the Master now.

Then again, there was still so much of this Castle I had yet to explore. In the month since I had arrived, the only places I frequented were the mess hall, the training tents, and the mailroom. I hadn’t even gone to the library after I first registered as a member of the Order.

Actually, the library didn’t sound like a bad idea. It was somewhere quiet, and if I was really tempted, I could do some research on the Order.

I stood up from my bed, which required much more effort than it usually did. I had been planted on it for so long that it was beginning to pull me into it. Maybe TE did pass already, depending on how long I really stayed in my room for.

Now where were those stairs again? I thought to myself as I peeked into the hallway. It was roughly three weeks ago since the last time I explored the second floor. After so long, the halls of the Castle had become even harder to navigate. That was until I remembered something that I had been perfecting with Solana.

I clung against one of the walls, in case someone were to pass by. I closed my eyes, and focused carefully. My consciousness began to scan the Castle like a radar. Doing this, however, put massive strain on my body. Solana told me to wait before I actually mastered it, but what was the harm in a little practice?

The archive kept a record of every Guardian’s Essence, which was always sitting on that pedestal towards the back of the library. I just needed someone’s Essence to pinpoint. Since I already knew what green Essence felt like, my mother was the perfect candidate.

When I opened my eyes again, I knew exactly where the archive was. The only difficult part now was to search for a way up there.

The End

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