23.2: Tension

An awful pain in my temple finally shocked me back into reality. My body was stretched out across the ground of the training tent as I stirred awake. A high-pitched ringing flooded my ears, making any other sounds inaudible. At last, my vision finally began to focus, and sitting in front of me was Solana, clad in her training gear. She watched me carefully, a smile of relief plastered between her cheeks.

“I was wondering when you would finally wake up.”

I rubbed my temple in an attempt to mitigate the pain, “How long have I been out?”

“Long enough,” she stood up, extending her hand to me, “Now get up.”

“What!? We’re going again!?”

“No. We’re going to lunch. Now get up; I’m starving.”

“It’s TE already!?”

“Yeah. I would apologize for hitting you so hard but...it was your fault that I got so much power out of it.”

I grabbed Solana’s hand as she pulled me up from the ground. The two of us stripped off our training gear and left the white tent behind, in favor of a good meal.      

My eyes wandered past all of the tents. I never thought of what training might be like when I finish in the white tent. I peered over at the blue tent, most likely where I would be headed next, since that was Solana’s Essence color. She mentioned something about accidentally slicing an arm off. Please let her be kidding.

But what if the Master sends me off to the yellow or green tents? After all, those were my parents’ colors. Maybe I have a natural affinity for the two.

The green tent came up on my side. My thoughts had wandered off so much that Solana was long gone. I remained in front of the tent, imagining my mother walking through the entrance to come train. I imagined her practicing her Essence Burst for hours on end. I could envision a younger version of my mother standing in the middle of the chamber, launching a dazzling verdant Essence at targets. She began panting from exhaustion, and then continued practicing. The sounds of her grunting seemed so real.

It finally dawned on me that the noises did not spawn from my imagination.

Someone was training in the green tent.

Curiosity struck me, guiding my limbs towards the sliver in the tent. I poked an eye into the tent to see who was in there. I should have realized sooner that there would only be one person in the tent. It was the only Green that had returned from the conflict in New Perfi: Celeste.

Celeste was doing exactly what I pictured my mother doing. Targets emerged from every corner of the room, and she blasted them to shrapnel with her Essence. Her emerald aura shined with passion and vigor as she launched it across the tent. Her accuracy was infallible, hitting the bullseye on the marked targets effortlessly.

The atmosphere in the tent reeked of determination, but I could also discern tension exploding from the Essence that travelled out of Celeste’s fingertips. For the past few weeks, after I first read the archive, I began...feeling Essence. I could not describe it, but it was as if I could recognize the emotions and feelings that emanated from Essence.

Maybe this was what Solana meant when she said her mom taught her how to detect feelings from Essence. My father was a Yellow after all.

Solana told me, however, that subtle feelings are completely hidden away from her. But that could only mean that Celeste was angry, and had no intention of holding that rage within her.

The End

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