22.2: The Archive

At last, we finally stood in front of a door at the end of the hallway. The Master slowly opened the door and gestured us to enter. Solana went in first, followed by myself. The Master shut the door behind us as I reveled in my new surroundings.

It was a library, overflowing with aisles of bookshelves and references. The ceiling reached several meters into the air, turning us into ants under this fountain of knowledge. Beyond the center aisle was a large book that sat on pedestals. The Master approached the book as Solana and I followed.

The Master did not turn in my direction, “Elijah, this is the Guardian archive.” He sent a mighty puff of air over the large book and flipped it open. “This is where we keep a record of all of the Guardians that have ever joined the Order. Solana is somewhere in here, I am in here, and certainly—”

“My parents are in there,” My eyes grew wide.

“And now you will be registered in the archive. Come, take a look.”

I stood next to the Master as he flipped to a random page. All that were on the pages were names and information about the Guardian, but no pictures. However, beside these details were tiny imprints. They...illuminated from the pages. It took me no time at all to realize what it was.

Essence. Tiny traces of Essence left behind by the Guardian who had been registered.

I watched the tiny lights in awe. How does Essence remain in this book after so long? My parents had not stepped through this castle for over a decade, but their Essence was probably glowing radiantly within this archive.

“There is Solana’s Essence,” the Master pointed to the book, directing me to read Solana’s information:

Solana Valenti
Registration date: 164th; 3143 Post Solis Concursum
Birthdate: 164th; 3133 Post Solis Concursum
Birthplace: Timorba City

Next to her information was a small imprint of her sapphire Essence, gleaming softly on the page.

“Touch the Essence, Elijah,” Solana tugged on my shoulder.

Fascinated, I slowly lowered my fingertip onto her Essence, like a child would tempt the flames of a burning candle. Her Essence was warm to the touch, but not as violent as a candlelight. I pressed down on the page gently, and her Essence coursed through my veins.

I could now see her face. Solana was standing in front of me, smiling like she was taking a photo. But this was not the Solana that was tugging my shoulder a moment ago. The towel was off of her head and her blonde hair was dry. Her single blue streak fell over her left shoulder, and she was not in her pajamas anymore.

I lifted my finger off of the light, returning me to reality. I turned to Solana with an excited smile on my face.

“Wow! So that’s how you figure out what the Guardian looks like! That’s...incredible!”

“Yeah. Also, the birthplace may say Timorba, but I never actually lived in Timorba. The Castle has been my home for all of my life. But, Greens don’t necessarily have the power to deliver a child, so our parents are usually transported to Timorba to deliver since it’s the closest civilization.”

“Makes sense, I guess,” I scratched my head.

“Now that you can channel your Essence, you will be able to mark it on the archive, thus making you an official member of the Order.” The Master flipped to the first empty spot he could find, “Place your finger right here.”

He pointed to the spot at the bottom of a page, then removed it so that my index finger could rest gently on the archive.

“Now, channel your Essence into your finger, and hold it there for a few moments.”

I nodded and closed my eyes. I searched my body for the Essence, then focused it all into my finger. A white light flooded from my fingertip, etching a mark into the archive. On the side closest to the binding, black words began to appear:

Elijah Oliveira
Registration date: 223rd; 3151 Post Solus Concursum
Birthdate: 19th; 3133 Post Solus Concursum
Birthplace: Old Tenebris

The End

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