21.3: To Mend the Hole

“It’s just...you’ve been so helpful these past few days. You’re always excited to train me, and you continue to push me along. On several occasions you’ve kept me from making stupid decisions, and even escorted me to Timorba to find...that.” I pointed to the steel case that laid on my bed. “I really want to know: why are you helping me out so much? You didn’t have to do anything that you’ve done for me, but you still choose to. Why?”

“That’s a really tricky question to answer, Elijah. I can’t really explain it but...when I met you, you seemed so confused. Especially once we shook hands for the first time and you saw the Essence pour out from your hands. I haven’t really shown you, but Guardians can understand the feelings and emotions of each other really well. Of course, Oranges and Yellows are much more talented at it, but the point is that I could feel your fear, your turmoil, and worst of all, that emptiness within you.”

I clutched my heart, “So you know about that then?”

“It’s pretty noticeable. My mother was a Yellow, and even though Blue and Yellow were not from the same spectrum family, she managed to convey her abilities to me. Smaller, more subtle feelings are difficult for me to detect, but that hole in your heart is so drastic that it permeated through your Essence. In the training tent this morning, I hoped that Celeste could mend that hole. Sadly, it’s still there. Celeste only managed to make it smaller. I’m not sure it will ever truly heal unless we find your parents.”

Solana left me speechless. She knew that I did not feel whole. That day still plagued my thoughts and influenced my actions. There was no denying that it was eating away at me, and it was as apparent as the white light that shone into my room from the center of the window.

Still, something was comforting about what she said. This terrible feeling that ravaged my heart was being attended by someone who truly cared about me. That thought alone lifted my spirits.



“Thanks for looking out for me,” I smiled at her.

“Don’t mention it. Now, can we go get some dinner? I’m starving!”

“You think you’re hungry? I can’t believe I haven’t fainted from hunger yet!”

Both of us laughed together as I helped Solana up from my bed. Someone then knocked on my door.

“Elijah? Are you in there?” it was the voice of an older man.

“Who is it?” I asked.

“Master Jude. I would like you to come with me. This should not take long.”

Solana smacked her forehead, “Oh! He’s probably here to register you in the archives. We do that with all the new Guardians so we can keep track of how many members we have.”

“That is exactly why I am here,” the Master said from behind the door.

“I’ll be out in a minute!” I said before sealing the case and placing it back on my counter.

The End

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