21.2: No Need to Rush

“Elijah? Are you in the shower?” Someone was knocking on my door. Solana, I presumed.

“No! The door’s open if you want to come in! I promise I’m not naked!” I called out.

The door slowly opened to reveal Solana in a lavender shirt and pajamas. Her hair was wrapped underneath a towel, but a piece of her hair hung out, dripping water onto the floor. She smiled as she walked in, sitting beside me.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“About what?”

“That note. You’ve been reading it instead of taking a shower like you said you would.”

“Oh, right.” I spent so much time pondering the note that I completely disregarded taking a shower. “I guess I’ll do it after dinner then.” I began tucking the note back into the space inside the rook, “I might be onto something, but it might be a stretch.”

“I’m all ears.”

“What if I’m the pawn and my parents are the rook?”

Solana pondered it for a moment, “Makes sense. But then who is this note addressed to?”

“Exactly what I want to know. More importantly, who is the enemy that my parents described?”

“This might not be right, but...the Rogues? If they were Guardians, maybe they were captured by Rogues.”

My eyes lit up. “How far away is New Perfi?”

“Oh no. Absolutely not.”

“What? There might be a lead up the—”

“The Order and the Rogues are battling in New Perfi! You still don’t have perfect control over your Essence, nor can you even throw a punch hard enough to defend yourself! You’ll get yourself killed if you leave now!”

As much as I wanted to argue with Solana, she was right. I was so impulsive when it came to my parents that I never bothered to regard my own safety. Did I really think I could survive in Timorba on my own? Finding Solana probably saved my life and prevented Wyatt from risking his.

“I guess I’ll just have to work harder then.”

“Trust me, Elijah,” Solana’s tone shifted from rigid to concerned. “I want to help you find your parents, but I can’t let you get in harm’s way when it can be circumvented entirely. You need more training before you can go out and battle the Rogues. I hope you can understand that.”

A thought wandered into my mind, begging for an answer. “Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what about?”

The End

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