20.3: Press Forward


Just wanted to let you know that I got back to Old Tenebris safely. Josef was kind enough to escort me all the way back to my house. Man, you Guardians are a quirky bunch. They suit you perfectly. I have no worries that you’ll be able to handle yourself out there. Solana, Keith, and Josef seem like some great people to stick with. Keeping them with you will make your search much easier.

Nonetheless, we’ve both grown up, side by side, hand in hand. I watched you cope with the loss of your parents, and although the circumstances have changed, I admire your tenacity. That drive to bring your parents home will motivate you to keep pushing. You’ll find them. I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be back in Old Tenebris soon.

Don’t worry about Grandma. Of course, she was hysterical when we left in the middle of Duscan, but she’s calmed down quite a bit. She loves you, Elijah. As long as she knows you’re safe, she’s going to support you the entire way. You should still expect a scolding when you return though.

I also need you to stop worrying about me too. I might not be a Guardian like you, but I can handle myself back home. Old Tenebris might be a jungle for most, but not for me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a nap. All the walking I’ve done in the past day has completely drained me.

So long, Elijah. Enjoy your time away from Old Tenebris. You’re living the dream right now. I’m excited to hear about all of your adventures.



A smile splashed across my face. Wyatt always knew how to keep my spirits high, and this time was no different. I nearly crushed the letter in my hands because I was so excited. Wyatt called my little crusade an adventure. I never even batted an eye to the fact that I was finally free from Old Tenebris. I could see the world like I always wanted.

I cherished the day I went to Timorba with Solana. I thought it was because I found that case in the Dianoche, but maybe that wasn’t it. Seeing a city that massive, so alive...it was exhilarating. For my entire life, I never left Old Tenebris. I could have left it all behind, but I chose to remain with the Sands. I don’t regret not leaving sooner though. Wyatt and I certainly wouldn’t be as close.

If I left any earlier than I did, I would have been walking a solitary road. I doubt I would have gotten far either. But like Wyatt said, I needed to keep pressing forward.

Keep pressing forward.

I will, Wyatt. Thank you.

The End

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