20.2: A Swift Return

“Did Wyatt get home alright?” I asked immediately, concerned for my best friend.

“Yeah, aside from nearly being mauled by bears.”


“Just kidding. It was a safe walk. Funny enough, I ran into Moisés on the way back. Bumped right into me, then said something about getting a letter to some friend of the new recruit. I assume he meant Wyatt.”

“Wow, the couriers are fast.

“He should have gotten back way before me. I wonder where he went.”

“Probably left it in my mailbox, because Moisés can’t take the time to find Elijah himself,” Keith rolled his eyes. “I’ll head to the mailroom and check. Be right back.”

“Ok. Thanks Keith,” I waved at him as he walked away from the table. Josef then walked to the other side and sat right where Keith was sitting.

“Do you guys know if Melodie made it to New Perfi?”

“She only left a few hours ago,” Celeste shrugged, “Give her another Excitus and she’ll definitely be there.”

“I probably should’ve given Moisés a letter to send her way. I guess I can just slap one in my mailbox.”

It seemed like Josef was just as concerned for Melodie as I was for Wyatt. He must really love her. Hearing Melodie’s name again, however, reminded me of the conversation we had before she left to New Perfi. She mentioned that Josef was not only there to escort Wyatt home.

My curiosity piqued, and I just had to ask, “How was Old Tenebris? I h-hear Guardians don’t often go there anymore.”

“Old Tenebris. I don’t know how a Hidden could live there for so long. The Dweller count is incredible, and the twilight is ridiculously strong there. I was planning on staying for a Duscan, but everywhere I went, it felt like something was trying to grab hold of me. It probably wouldn’t affect you, since you were raised there.”

I nodded. Was the twilight that powerful in Old Tenebris? I honestly never noticed a difference when I came here. I just assumed that too much exposure to the twilight would allow it to grab hold. In Old Tenebris, according to Josef, the twilight can much more easily take the reins.

“Back home, we learned not to stay out on the streets for too long. Wyatt and I would never go anywhere alone. I hope he’ll be alright without me.”

“He seemed like a brave kid. You’re lucky to have a friend as supportive as him,” Josef smiled, filling me with reassurance.

“Thanks, Josef.”

“Elijah!” someone called out to me. It was Keith, waving a letter in his hand, running towards the table. “That damn Moisés. He did leave it in my mailbox. Here.”

Keith handed me the letter. All that was written on the envelope was a happy face with its tongue sticking out and the name Elijah. There wasn’t even a stamp.

“I’m surprised Moisés even delivered it without a stamp. He’s pretty strict about that kind of stuff.”

I carefully opened the envelope and pulled out the contents. It was a single piece of lined paper, folded into thirds. Excitement and anticipation poured within me as I unfolded the letter and read it out loud:

The End

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