18.4: The Courier

“At least help me off of the ground before you say anything!” Moisés reached out his hand to Keith, and as Keith pulled him up, their hands began to glow.  Keith’s radiant orange blended with Moisés’ intense crimson. An excitable star ignited in their grip like a supernova.

Moisés stood up and dusted himself off, extinguishing the intense flame that formed by their Essence. “Kid, I feel sorry for you if he’s your mentor.”

“It’s a shame that I’m not...at least, not yet,” Keith shook his head and shrugged.

“Not yet? He only gets one mentor.”

Keith turned to me, “Elijah, shake the man’s hand.”

Moisés raised an eyebrow, then reluctantly extended his hand to me.  I reached for his hand, revealing our Essence.  His impassioned red softly merged with my calm ivory.

“White? When’s the last time a White has walked these halls?” Moisés became entranced by the delicate rose color that was crafted from our hands.

“Now can we finally tell him about the mailroom?” Keith rolled his eyes. “Or are you going to hold his hand all day?”

Moisés glared at him, “Make it quick.”

“Okay.” Keith turned back at me, “So this is the mailroom. Every Guardian is assigned a mailbox to send out and receive letters. Now let’s see…”

Keith began browsing the wall until he found a mailbox three rows from the floor. “Come over here, Elijah.”

I crouched beside him, and he pulled open a small door in front of him.  Inside it were two sections.  The one to the left was hollow, but the one to the right was closed, seemingly without hinges.

“Couriers take mail from here, and deliver it across the continent.  Many times, they wait for the recipient to write a response and then return to the castle.  Couriers are selected from the fastest Reds we can find.  Since they can enhance their physical attributes, they make for perfect candidates to dart across the continent.”

“In order for couriers to deliver letters, each mailbox has a sending and receiving end.  The open slots are for letters that are being shipped out, so that couriers can collect them easily.  The closed half is for mail coming to the Guardian.  The only people that can open these are the Guardian to whom it belongs, and couriers, so that they can sort out the mail.”

“How do you open it?” I asked.

“I was hoping you would say that,” Keith replied. “You know how the window reacts to your touch in the bedrooms? These do the same thing, but instead of emitting light, they open the door.” Keith placed his hand against the metal door.  He concentrated his Essence into his palm, and the door popped open immediately.  I jumped backwards, completely unprepared for the demonstration.

The two of them broke into laughter.  “Relax, Elijah. You’re so jumpy today,” chuckled Keith.

“Sorry, I’m still not used to this whole ‘Guardian’ thing.”

“There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you, Elijah!”

I turned around to see Solana standing in the doorway out of the mailroom. “Oh! Hey Solana!” I called.

“Come on, we have training to do,” she spoke with assertion, but with a hint of playfulness.

“Yeah, just let me send out this letter.”

“That for Wyatt?”

I nodded, “Keith was just telling me how the mailroom operated.”

“Glad we could all be so cheerful after someone nearly killed me,” Moisés glared at Keith. “Now give me that damn letter so that I can get to...where is this going?”

“Old Tenebris,” I told him.

“We’re allowed to go there again?”

“Elijah lived there before he came to the castle, and Josef was sent to escort his friend back,” Keith explained. “You’ll be fine.”

Moisés shrugged, snatched the letter out of my hand, and dashed off at sonic speed.


The End

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