15.3: The Motel Room

I charged up the stairs to catch up to Solana, where she waved at me in front of the door I pointed at. Room 213. There, my parents left some of their Essence behind.

When I placed my hand on the knob, hesitation froze my bones. Instead of feeling depressed, I was nervous. Anxiety pumped from my heart, forcing me to take my fingers off of the cold doorknob.

Solana kindly patted my back. A revitalizing touch, full of life. “I won’t open it for you. This is something you need to do.”

“I don’t understand this feeling I have. I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m nervous beyond belief. What could be in there?”

“I know that feeling. You’re in disbelief that you even found a lead, and your body is rejecting the notion outright. You didn’t expect to find them, did you? But you left home anyways, and maybe, just maybe, something would reveal itself.”

“It’s only been two days, and I’ve learned so much about them already.”

“Go on, open the door. You might find something incredible. Or nothing at all, but—oh, just open it!”

I wrapped my fingers around the doorknob again, then slowly twisted it. The door was unlocked, meaning that the Dianoche really was abandoned. I gently pushed the door. It creaked gaudily, splitting my ears and renewing the migraine that I thought already passed.

Once the door was fully open, I made out the room without entering. The place was a wreck. Lamp shades sprinkled the floor, with broken glass sprawled around them. The comforter on the bed was in disarray, and the pillows were tossed on top of it.

Where would I even look first?

“Check the drawers. I’ll search in the bathroom,” Solana ordered.

I agreed, unable to process where else a clue may be hidden. I removed the drawers from their inlets, and shook their contents onto the disheveled bed. Aside from a few balls of dust and loose change, they were empty.

Solana was still checking the bathroom in the back of the room, so I decided to scour the rest of the room. I started with under the bed, which sheltered a metal box. It was the size of the pillows, with a handle at the seam, like a briefcase.

I pulled it out, and examined the sides of it excitingly. This box could be the first clue to my parents. On one side, there was a combination lock, a three number code with a rolling mechanism to display the numbers.

“Solana!” I called, and she poked her head from the bathroom.

“Found something?” she asked.

“There was a box under the bed. It’s locked though.”

Solana approached me, kneeling beside the box. She tossed and turned it in her hands, until she asked, “Could this be something? Any ideas about what the code might be?”

“Nope. My parents never enjoyed numbers.” Come to think of it, neither did I.

“Perfect,” she grinned devilishly.

Solana held her palm out, and fixated her Essence into her hand. The sapphire aura began to twist and turn in her hand, until it took the shape of a pocket knife. Solana jammed the knife in between the tiny slit in the shell of the box, then fiddled it around.

So this was the power of the Blue Essence. The ability to spawn metaphysical weaponry from thin air. Any regular knife wouldn’t have the strength to break a steel lock like this. I got excited just thinking about it.

A snap came from the box. “Bingo,” Solana cheered, handing me the box to open.

The End

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