15.2: Memories of the Forgotten

I willingly followed Solana out of the lobby, and back towards the rooms. She sighed apprehensively, wondering if I could master an advanced technique so quickly. But if I didn’t, who knows if I would be able to find the same clues weeks from now.

This may be the only chance to find out where my parents had gone.

“Ok. So like you did with the tour guide, except you’ll be focusing on each hotel room. Think about your parents, and force their Essence to reveal itself,” Solana explained.

I forced her words to bounce around my conscience. The only fault I could make was if I did not strengthen my resolve any more than it was. A sheer iron will and a passionate heart. With that, my parents will not hide from me any longer.

I reimagined the disfigured faces that I created before, with a child resting within their embrace. Thoughts of finding my parents poured through the synapses.

However, new thoughts of doubt began to flow in as well. What if they don’t want to find me? and Is all this actually worth it? I never realized how much I wavered in my conviction.

The Master claimed that my heart was pure, but I knew he was wrong. My Essence became white out of the hole within me, my failure to accept the fact that my parents would never come back, unless I brought them back myself.

That failure led me here, to this dilapidated motel searching for something, a vestige of my parents’ Essence, their lifeforce.

Regardless of how much retrospection I do, my failure had forced me from Old Tenebris, away from Wyatt and his grandmother. The last two people on this earth that cared for me as my parents did, if not more. I threw the two people who poured their hearts onto me, who gave their entire world to me, out the window. All for the ridiculous notion that I would travel the world to search for ghosts.

I thought my resolve was forged from steel, but now it was as malleable as aluminum.

But there was no point in giving up. I came too far already. In just a matter of days, I discovered a place that my parents had come to at some point. I also found the Order, so that I may follow in their footsteps.

Then there was Solana, who has been helping me in my endeavors since I met her in the forest. Now my mentor, and equally as devoted to assisting in my search.

Why was she so compassionate towards my resolve? We only just met two days ago, but already Solana trained me and took me to Timorba. She would even veer me from my training schedule to learn more advanced techniques, so I could look for my parents easier.

To fail right now would mean failing not only my purpose, but Solana as well. I needed to cling to her like I did Wyatt.

I battled the thoughts of doubt and discouragement. One by one they shot out of my head. My mind became clear again, and I could see the marred faces of my parents. I concentrated harder, and the faces transformed. Now, my parents had a complete countenance in my mind. Their faces were finally whole in my memory.

I opened my eyes, and one of the rooms began to glow. It was the top floor, a few doors down from my right. The light was faint, but still noticeable.

Slowly, I pointed to the room. I was still trying to focus on the Essence, until I memorized its location in my head. Solana was already darting for the stairs.

“Elijah! Come on!” she called, and I followed.

The thought of my parents’ faces blossomed in my head.

The End

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