14.3: Massively Cheap

The department store was two blocks away, and it was gargantuan. It was as wide as three buildings, unlike anything I had ever seen in Old Tenebris. People flocked the revolving doors in front, some getting their clothes caught between the tiny sliver of the door and the glass wall.

“Welcome to Timorba,” Solana resonated with sarcasm.

Solana and I squeezed into the crowd of people and managed to divert from the revolving doors. There are perks to my lanky stature. I’m like a thin butterstick within throngs of people.

“Phew,” I wiped my face. “So, where to?”

“The men’s department is on the second floor.”

“This place needs more than one floor?” I asked, scanning the department store. The only items I could scout out were skirts, dresses, and jewelry. The entire ground floor devoted itself to women’s clothing.

“Come on, there’s an escalator on the far right of the building,” she pointed towards a wide escalator in the back.

I was too amazed to respond, so I sent a nod her way. She directed me through the flood of Timorbans who struggled to navigate through clothing racks and other clashing families.

The escalator lifted dozens of people to the second floor. There was a line just to step onto it. However, this escalator only ascended.

“Where’s the down escalator?” I asked Solana, who patiently stood beside me.

“On the other side,” she replied.

I figured.

The men’s department was equally as massive as the ground floor. Clothes lined racks that extended across the building. They had everything here.

“Where do I even start?

“First you should find a few things you would feel comfortable training in. Then, find some casual attire. How much money do you have?”

I fumbled through my wallet, “One hundred and thirty dollars.”

“You came with that much?” Solana was dumbfounded.

“I left Old Tenebris with thirty, but Wyatt followed me with another hundred. I just realized that I never gave it back to him.”

“He probably never asked for it because he thought you needed it more.”

Wyatt...just like his grandmother, altruistic to the point of sharing money he couldn’t give. Then Mrs. Sands, who mastered hospitality by taking me in when my parents abandoned me.

“Still, you can buy a lot with that. The reason people gather here is because everything is cheap, yet fashionable. Look at a random tag.”

I pulled a random white shirt from the closest rack, and tugged on its price tag. Five dollars for one shirt. I could by twenty-six of these with the money I have.

“Oh wow. You were right.”

“Now come on. I know where the most comfortable shirts are for training,” Solana jerked my arm, urging me to follow.

“Why do you know so much about the men’s department?”

“Because all the women’s clothes are tight and uncomfortable. Some of the jeans don’t even have pockets. Can you believe that?”

She made a valid point; I see why Solana enjoyed the men’s department more.

The End

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