13.2: Quiet Healing

“Sorry to bring you here from your post, Melodie,” Solana’s voice echoed through my semi-conscious head.

“You’re lucky I was still here,” a softer voice replied. “Because I’m the only Green here, the Master doesn’t want me leaving until Celeste returns tomorrow.”

I could feel their eyes looking down at me. I tried to open my eyes slowly, but it felt like something weighed them down. I had to forcibly separate my eyelids, startling the other girl standing over me. Solana, however, seemed unphased.

“Oh, look who decided to wake up,” an aggravated Solana scolded me.

“Please try not to move yet, I have to finish mending your arm,” the other girl commanded me in her delicate voice.

My stubborn self chose to defy her by standing up. My vision finally came to, and I could clearly see Solana winding up for a slap in the face, which I dodged.

Dodging, though, prompted a punch in my injured arm, that I could not move fast enough to slide away from her. The entire left side of my body was sluggish and unresponsive.

“Ow!” I wailed as the pain spread through my damaged side.

“Sit down and let Melodie finish healing you. You have a compound fracture in your arm, and a broken rib. Try and stand up again, and I’ll tear your bicep apart,” Solana’s ironclad attitude sat me right back down, and Melodie sat beside me, channeling her Green Essence into my arm and ribs.

“Greens can heal people?” I asked.

Solana didn’t respond, forcing Melodie to speak up, “Yes, we can. It’s a special variant of our Essence Burst where we channel our Essence into wounds to speed up the healing process. The strength of the Guardian can determine what wounds we can heal, and—”

“And Melodie is the best healer we’ve got. She’ll be gone by tomorrow, so try not to screw up when she’s gone. Otherwise, your training will take months, with a majority of that time being spent on a hospital bed being fed morphine through your IV.”

“Right,” I obeyed.

My arm relaxed as Melodie’s Essence flowed into my bones. It honestly felt like a shot of morphine traveling through my bloodstream. Essence truly is a gift.

In just a few minutes, my arm was rejuvenated. I could move it with ease, maybe even better than I could before. My right hip also felt brand new, as I stood up and stretched out my body. I was loose and nimble, which might help a lot more to accomplish this first portion of my training.

“How do you feel?” Melodie asked quietly.

“Good as new!” I cheered, but I nervously remained in place when I saw Solana approach the control panel.

Great, let’s get back to training then. Dinner’s in an hour, so if you want to get to Timorba before TD, I suggest you stay alert. If you can avoid twenty-five in a row before dinner, Keith and I will take you to Timorba, and Melodie if she’s up for it.”

“Uh, I’d love to, but I have to make preparations for my next trip. I’ll see you two in the mess hall. Goodbye,” Melodie waved and exited the tent.

Solana looked back at me, “Shall we?”

I swung my arm around to make sure it was healed properly, “Yeah, I’m ready.”

The End

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