12.2: To The White Tent

Solana is my first mentor!? Then again, what did I expect? The Master needed to pick someone who was available, and Solana must have been the first choice.

Still, I was curious, “Why did the Master pick you?”

“Are you implying something?” Solana scrunched her eyebrows, as if I was offending her.

“N-no, I just think it’s really funny—”

“Funny that your first mentor is me?

“Well, yeah actually.”

“And what’s so funny about me?”

Maybe ending the conversation now would have been a good idea. Solana clenched her fists, and her rage resonated through her Blue Essence. She was aggravated, and I felt like an absolute idiot.

I tried to calm her down, “Whoa! I didn’t mean funny in a bad way! I just wondered if it was just coincidence that he picked you. After all, you were the first Guardian I ever met.”

This seemed to ease her anger, “Oh, I thought you meant it in another way. And if you did, I would have pounded your face in the dirt.”

“U-uh, that’s not necessary!” I flailed my arms across my face in a panic. After what she did to the bear, crossing Solana would be a death sentence.

“Good. And by the way, I already knew I would be your mentor before you even woke up. Why do you think I forced you to wake up when you did, and had you find the mess hall on your own?”

“What? Were you training me or something?” I chuckled.

“Actually, yes, and I’ll explain in there,” Solana pointed to the white tent. “That will be where we will train until you’ve mastered the basics. Then,” her finger moved to the blue tent, “I’ll teach you Blue abilities in there.”

I nodded, and she began walking towards the white tent, “Are you coming or what?”

“Yeah,” I jogged towards her.

The tent was even bigger on the inside. The ground consisted of a white circle. There was no wooden floor like inside. Instead, it used the same dirt that made the path from outside back to the castle. Surrounding the interior were dozens of miscellaneous items, from remotes to sparring equipment. Just what kind of training would I be doing?

“This is the white tent. Every Guardian starts out here, and we use the color White because White Essence doesn’t have any unique ability, so it makes for the perfect place to teach the basics,” Solana explained. “Now, as I said, I didn’t send you on that wild goose chase without a reason. The fact that you found it in such a short amount of time could be a product of two different processes.”

“Wait, you said I was late though,” I scratched my head.

“That was just to get you to expect better of yourself. You actually showed up right on time. Pretty impressive for your first try.”

I patted myself on the back, “So, what exactly are these ‘processes’ you mentioned?”

The End

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