12.1: Meeting the Mentor

The throne room is exactly as I left it. The throne was perched atop the steps in the center of the room, and once again, it was empty. If the Master wasn’t even awake yet, why was I the one who was late?

Speaking of punctuality, Josef should have been close to Old Tenebris by now. I hoped Wyatt was safe. I couldn’t fathom how I would react if I found out Wyatt was hurt. I just needed to trust Josef. If anything, he would be more capable of taking care of Wyatt than me.

Maybe I should have told him to write to me when he returned. That way I would at least be reassured that he was safe. I suppose I’ll have to wait for Josef’s report.

While I was thinking about Wyatt, the Master called out to us from the back of the throne room, “Ah, Elijah. I hope you had a good night’s rest.”

“Uh, yeah. Very...comfortable,” I awkwardly reply. I was never very comfortable making small talk with authority figures.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” he smiled. “Now, a little birdie told me why you’re here. You want to start your training immediately, yes?”

“Well, I, uh—”

“Yes, he does,” Solana blurted out. Thanks.

“Perfect! I already have a mentor selected for you. You will meet your mentor at the training grounds in five minutes. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir. But, um, where are the training grounds?”

“Go towards the mess hall, then take a right from there. Eventually you will see a set of double doors to your left. You cannot miss them; they look just like the front doors. Do you understand?”

I nodded. It was a lot easier than finding my way to my room. One turn was all I had to make, rather than the ten I had to make to reach the dining hall. Simple, or at least, simpler.

“As for you two,” the Master pointed at Keith and Solana, “Keith, you should get to your post at the front doors, and Solana, stay for a moment while I find you an assignment.

“Yes, sir,” they answered in unison. For a moment, I felt like I had joined an army.

Solana broke out of attention and turned to me, “We’ll see you later, Elijah.”

I waved at the two of them and proceeded to the training grounds. From the mess hall, I took a right, just as the Master said. After a bit more walking, the double doors appeared on my left. They were exact replicas of the front doors, with the silver and jade adornment and the golden bird gilding.

I pushed the doors open, and it took out into the twilight. Outside, there were seven tents, sprawled about in a U formation. Each tent was about the size of a house, with a banner on top of each of them. A different color painted each banner. I assumed each of the tents corresponded with the color abilities.

However, there was also a white tent. Keith said I would be studying all of the other colors, after learning the basics. Maybe the white one was where they taught the basics then. White Essence has no distinct ability, besides the ability to cross the spectrum families, as Keith mentioned. That would be the only solution.

Behind me I heard the doors open again. I turned around, hoping to see my mentor appear from the doorway. Instead, blonde hair peaked out from between the doors. Solana’s head popped out from behind the doors.

“Oh, I see you made it to the training grounds alright,” she grinned with a bout of pride.

“Yeah, it wasn’t that hard. Say, have you seen my mentor yet? It’s been a few minutes, I was hoping to see him soon.”

Solana began laughing hysterically. “What...what did I say?”

She started tearing up, and I looked like an idiot watching her. What the hell did I say?

“Elijah. You’re funny, you know that?”

“So? Did you see him or not?”

“Yeah, I did,” she extended her hand to me, “Hello, Elijah. I will be your first mentor.”

The End

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