11.3: The First Morning

“Good,” Solana smiled, “Come on, breakfast is in ten. You have some clean clothes on top of your dresser.”

I sat up underneath my sheets. Solana’s fist clenched again, and I rushed onto the floor and ran into the bathroom.

After brushing my teeth, I changed into the clothes I was given: an old-fashioned royal blue tunic and loose-fitting pants. The Order evolved so much over the centuries, but their fashion was archaic.

I spotted myself in the mirror before walking out of the bathroom. The color in my cheeks returned to me, and the dark circles faded a bit. Rather than looking like someone who hadn’t slept in a whole day, I resembled a teenager who stayed up cramming for a test.

Basically it was how I looked when I lived in Wyatt. Perfect.

When I exited the bathroom, my bedroom was empty. Solana had disappeared, and left me a note on the dresser:


Time to test if you can navigate the castle by yourself. You have five minutes to find your way to the mess hall, or I’ll come find you. Also, have you tried touching the glass in the center of your window?


Great, the last thing I needed was to try and find the dining hall by myself. The window comment fascinated me however. I approached my large elliptical window and lightly pressed my palm on the glass circle in the center, as to not make any evident fingerprint.

After a few moments, crisp white light began seeping through the gaps between my fingers. I let go of the glass, and the white light illuminated the room.

If the light was white, it was safe to assume that the window responded to my Essence, like a handshake between Guardians. This Essence jargon really interested me.

Sadly, my callow fascination had to come to an end almost immediately, as I probably had around three minutes to find the mess hall, and in this intricate network of hallways, I needed all the time I could get.

I stepped out of my bedroom, locking the door behind me. I remembered last night coming from the right, so I started heading right. Then, I continue turning corners without any direction. I was playing the lottery with these hallways.

I turned one last corner, and at the end of it was finally the mess hall. I found it. How lucky am I? I thought.

I walked through the open doorway that led to the mess hall, and it was still very empty. There were a few more people congregated towards the back of the hall, along with Solana and Keith, who sat across from each other.

Solana waved to me, and I approached their table, still excited that I found my way to the dining hall by myself. As I sat next to Solana, however, she smacked me on the back of the head.

“You’re late.” she scoffed.

The End

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