11.2: Settling In

As they unpacked my belongings, I chose to take a shower. I grabbed my pajamas and ran into the bathroom, locking the door.

I decided to look at the mirror, mainly to see how much of a mess I really was. Wyatt was right, my dark brown hair lifted in several different directions. Why didn’t anyone else tell me, especially when I was speaking to the Master?

The color in my face drained from my lack of sleep, all except the dark circles that developed over my eyes. In combination with my auburn eyes, I looked like a raccoon. That, or a walking corpse. A shower sounded really nice right about now.


“Elijah!?” a woman screamed, and my eyes opened slowly. The room was humid, and I could barely see in front of me. I was already standing, and something was smacking my back. I turned around and realized it was the water from a shower head.

Did I really do that? I thought to myself, then turned the knob that controlled the shower. The steam filled the room quickly after I opened the glass door. I grabbed a towel and began drying myself, then rapidly sorted into my pajamas that consisted of a black tank top and basketball shorts.

I opened the door into my bedroom, letting all the steam dissipate through both rooms. Solana and Keith were still there, sitting on my bed.

“What the hell were you doing in there!? Drowning yourself!?” Solana scolded me.

“I uh, fell asleep in the shower. How long was I in there?” I wondered.

“A good forty-five minutes. Probably longer if Solana didn’t call you,” said Keith.

I yawned, “Thanks for that. Guess I was a lot more tired than I thought.”

I held my fingers up to my face. They were red and shriveled, a clear sign that I doused myself in a hot shower.

Solana shook her head, “Well, we were going to take you on a tour of the castle, but you’re bound to collapse in the hallway. Get some rest, and we’ll wake you up for breakfast tomorrow.”

“Ok. See you two tomorrow.” I stumbled over the words in a drowsy stupor.


Knock. Knock. “Elijah!?” I heard banging on the door, shocking my eyes open. My body, however, sunk farther into my mattress. Never had I ever rested so well in my life.

The banging softened into silence. It was replaced by the clicks of a lock turning. Were they picking my lock? I closed my eyes, ignoring the clicks. Probably just my imagination.

It sounded like my door slammed open, and someone walked in. Their footsteps were light and subtle, it was a miracle I could hear them at all.

“Oh, he’s still asleep? Looks like I’ll have to wake him up the hard way,” it was Solana, trying to wake me up.

I could feel it. Even with my eyes closed, I knew Solana was building up power, Essence to be exact. After what I heard about what that Celeste girl did to Keith, I was not about to have Solana do the same thing.

“Wait!” I flinched underneath my covers. “I’m up! I’m up!”

The End

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