11.1: The Bedroom

Spacious would be an understatement. My room was the size of Wyatt’s entire house. The room expanded ten feet from the door, and twenty feet from the wall across.

Sitting against the back corner was a queen bed, draped in blue and white linens. The bed seemed insignificant compared to the room’s volume. There was one window, an ellipse that took up the vast majority of the back wall. In the center was a welded iron outline of the Order’s coat of arms, the dove soaring underneath the white circle.

The walls were painted white, and sapphire curtains hugged the corners beside the window. The floor wore a navy carpet, with a creme rug next to my bed. Birch drawers lined the left wall, and there was a door on the right wall.

“So, what do you think?” Solana asked, poking her head in the room.

I took a few steps into the room, allowing the others to walk in behind me. “I think if I got any more excited, I would have a heart attack,” I answered.

The Master laughed, and Keith pointed to the door to my right. “Why don’t you open that door?” he requested.

“Sure, but if it gives me a heart attack, I’m blaming you.”

I slowly opened the door, until Keith pushed it open from behind me. “Come on Elijah, just look.”

A bathroom. A big one. The floor was comprised of white marble, and the toilet sparkled. The shower extended from the door to the back wall, which was approximately five feet. A porcelain faucet jutted from the bureau on the other wall, and a mirror was plastered behind it.

I never thought I would call a bathroom beautiful until now.

“I see you are impressed,” the Master remarked.

Impressed. Yeah, let’s go with that.”

“Do you need some time to unpack? Take a shower? Get changed?” Solana asked.

“A shower sounds really nice right now. Then I’ll probably go to sleep.” I yawned for a few moments, then began again, “I’ve been awake since last TD.”

The Master chimed in, “Then tomorrow, you shall begin your training. Breakfast will be served at the break of IE. I should have a mentor selected by then.”

“Thank you, Master.” The title rolled of my tongue oddly. I had been in the Order for a day, and I was already addressing someone as “Master.” It felt very strange.

“Also, before I leave, I would like to apologize about your friend. The rule was implemented due to a mishap with a Dweller, who we unknowingly accommodated. The result was...disastrous. I would divulge the details, however it is strictly confidential.”

He wore his stern expression, with a hint of regret. The Master truly did not want to kick Wyatt out, but whatever happened in the past must have really struck a nerve within the Master.

“Don’t worry about it,” I replied. I admit it was shallow and distant, but so were my feelings toward the Master. I needed some time to think about today before I can properly forgive him.

“Well, I shall have my leave then. Solana, Keith, Elijah,” he nodded to each of us, and exited my room.

Solana turned back to me, “Do you want us to help you unpack?”

“Yeah, that would be nice. Thanks,” I answered.

The End

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