10.3: A Family of Color

“What!?” At this point, my jowls were disconnected, “So I have to learn all of these?

“That’s an odd response,” Solana frowned, “I expected something along the lines of ‘That’s so cool!’ or ‘Incredible!’”

“I might be a little more excited if I understand it a little more.”

“Well, this list was just to get you to see what each color is capable of. Now I’m going to show you something else.”

Solana scribbled some more on Keith’s notepad. This time, she was drawing a picture. When she finished, she handed it to me.

On the note was two triangles, with a color written on each corner. The word white was written in the center.

“This diagram shows how the colors relate to each other. Each color has two spectrum relatives, creating a spectrum family. Essentially, each Guardian can learn techniques for three colors: the color of your Essence, and the two spectrum relatives that color has. However, the techniques you learn from your color’s relatives will be significantly weaker than your natural Essence.”

“So what’s the case with me? Does White have a special ability besides the other colors?”

“Well...I’m not entirely sure. I haven’t really met anyone who could use White Essence. I’m sure the Master knows.”

I studied Solana’s diagram again. It seemed that the two triangles symbolized the two spectrum families. Red, Green, and Blue made up one family, and Orange, Yellow, and Purple made another.

Another question popped up, “So how did you knock out that bear if your Essence centers around conjuring solid materials?”

Solana laughed, “Come on, summoning a weapon? To kill that innocent bear? Please, that’s overkill. Plus, I needed to practice my Red abilities. I’m trying to experiment.”

I didn't think a bear crushing you to death could possibly be considered innocent.

“Experiment how?” Keith stepped in.

“It’s a secret until I perfect it,” Solana smiled.

I turned to Keith, who rolled his eyes at Solana, “What color is your Essence, Keith?”

“Why don’t you shake my hand and find out?” he answered, extending his hand across the table to me.

I grabbed his hand, and once again, they gleamed Essence. Mine was still the soft ivory from when I shook the Master’s hand, but Keith’s was a warm citrus. “Orange,” I remarked.

“Bingo,” Keith snapped his index finger towards me.

“Is this still a head spinner for you?” Solana asked.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it.”

“Good, let’s show you to your room,” she stood up and tugged me from the mess hall bench.

The End

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