10.2: The Colors of Essence

“Right, that’s something big to explain.” Solana took a deep breath, “I won’t repeat what the Master told you besides that Essence is the product of enhanced human instinct and your personality. These two factors determine the color of your Essence, and different colors allow you to master certain abilities.

However, there are certain abilities that can be used by all colors, along with the certain colors’ abilities. There are nine colors, and rather than explaining all of them, I would rather write them all down so you can read them for yourself. Keith, do you have some paper?”

“Uh, I have the notepad that I use to record who comes into the castle. But I have to return it—”

“Perfect, give me a few pieces, and a pen.”

Keith sighed, handing Solana the entire notepad and pen. She quickly began scribbling words on it, as if she was an expert on Essence. I continued to eat, admiring how quickly her pen flew across the pad.

Solana tore out a few pages and handed them to me, “Here, these are the colors, their spectrum relatives, and their abilities.”

I blinked a few times, “The what?”

“Just read it all, and I’ll explain when you’re done.”

“Fine,” I sighed, and began to read the paper:

  • Red: These are physical enhancers. They can make themselves stronger and faster at will by channeling Essence throughout their bodies.

    • Spectrum relatives: Blue, Green

  • Orange: These are mental enhancers. Similar to red, they can channel Essence, but only through their brains, making them smarter and more cunning.

    • Spectrum relatives: Yellow, Purple

  • Yellow: These use a power called Emotional Manipulation. They can use their Essence to bring about certain emotions in anyone.

    • Spectrum relatives: Orange, Purple

  • Green: These can perform Essence Burst, a technique that involves channeling their Essence to use as projectiles.

    •  Spectrum relatives: Red, Blue

  • Blue (that’s me!): These are the Essence Molders. We (or they) can manipulate the shape of their Essence into solid pseudo-realistic materials.

    • Spectrum relatives: Red, Green

  • Purple: These are Property Shifters. They can change the properties of their Essence into non-solid matter (Fire, electricity, etc.).

    • Spectrum relatives: Orange, Yellow

I looked up from the paper and gave Solana a confused look. She continued, “These are just vague explanations of the abilities. There is still a lot more to tell you.”

Great,” I uttered sarcastically. “Just one thing before we go on: what does white do?”

“I thought it would be better to tell you myself,” Solana replied. “White Essence...allows you to use the abilities of all the colors.”

The End

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