9.3: Bitter Goodbyes

“Maybe I should have introduced myself formally. Josef Watters, son of Master Jude Watters,” he mumbled.

I sighed. There was no response. I was exhausted, and just wanted to rest, “Whatever. Just get Wyatt home safely, would you?”

“I will do my best. You can count on me.” Josef was proud, which clashed with his timid introduction. “Would you like to say your goodbyes?”

I nodded, then approached Wyatt. His face left remnants of tear trails that dried off. He grinned softly. I started to send him off, “Well, buddy. It looks like goodbye for a—”

Wyatt quickly wrapped his arms around me, embracing me tightly. “Stay safe, Elijah. Find your parents.”

“I will, and I won’t come home until I do. Now, you promise me that you keep your grandmother safe.”

“Oh, right,” answered Wyatt. “Actually, I have to tell you something about that letter she gave you.” He pulled the letter out of his pocket, and ripped it down the middle. “Grandma didn’t write this. I did.”

“What? Why did you forge a letter?”

“Do you remember what you said to me when I caught up to you? What about your grandmother?’ I knew you would say that, so I acted like Grandma sent me to help you. That way, there would be no way for you to refuse!” Wyatt smiled.

“You son of a…”

Wyatt started laughing, followed by Solana, Keith, and Josef. Their amusement was contagious, forcing me into a chuckle that crescendoed to blend with them.

Josef was the first to calm down. “Wyatt, I believe we should be on our way,” he requested.

“Okay, okay. Goodbye, Elijah,” Wyatt said.

“Goodbye,” I replied.

The two of them began walking away from the castle. Wyatt turned around and began taking steps backwards, waving at us as he clumsily tripped from what was behind him. Josef continuously picked him up from the ground every time he fell, but Wyatt would still wave, not thinking to look behind him.

Solana, Keith, and I all waved back at him. Whenever he collapsed, we would snicker softly, for him not to notice, until Josef and him were finally out of sight.

Solana changed the subject when Wyatt disappeared, “So, do you want the grand to—”

Ding! Dong! A loud tone cut through the air. A bell, and for it to be that loud, it had to be large. I cupped my ears, but Solana and Keith laughed at me.

“That would be the dinner bell,” she said.

“Let’s eat!” added Keith.

The End

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