9.2: A Proper Escort

Wyatt picked his head up, his auburn eyes sparkled like topaz as they filled with tears. His expression was tormented, probably by the memories of his parents. It tortured me how inconsiderate I became. I was just a selfish prick with delusions of finding my parents.

It felt like I was holding back tears, but my eyes were dry. The tear ducts shriveled up after the week my parents disappeared. I felt heartless, definitely not “pure,” as the Master implied.

I had to accept Wyatt’s wish, for his sake more than my own. “Okay, as much as it hurts, I’ll stay.”

“This is the biggest opportunity you’ve had to find your parents. If you gave this up, who knows how long we would be wandering around Creput?”

“I will arrange to have an escort return him to Old Tenebris. However, once you reach the outskirts of the city, you’ll be on your own. I can’t send any Guardian into that city alone, and our resources are spread thin as it is,” the Master explained.

“Thank you,” answered Wyatt, “Don’t worry, I can navigate Old Tenebris on my own anyways.”

It wasn’t navigating the city that I was worried about. Dwellers crowded the streets of Old Tenebris, and Mrs. Sands always told us never to walk the city alone. I prayed Wyatt returned home safely.

“Wait by the front doors while I appoint your escort. You may also want to say your goodbyes during this time,” the Master commanded.

“Yes, sir,” Wyatt replied.

“I’ll take you two to the front doors,” Solana offered.

The two of us nodded silently and followed Solana out of the throne room. Sullen pouts painted our faces as we approached Keith, who was standing guard at the door, sweeping his fingers through his spiky hair.

“Leaving already?” he asked.

“No,” Solana replied, “Just Wyatt. Master doesn’t want any non-Guardians to stay.”

“Oh,” frowned Keith, “Is it because…”

“Yeah,” Solana responded like she knew what Keith meant. Just what happened when the last outsider was here?

A man came from the throne room, with dark hair and dark eyes, but excessively pale skin. He was lanky and unassuming, without a single inch of confidence spread across his face.

“Hello,” he greeted timidly. He was going to take Wyatt home? The thought made me uneasy. “My name is Josef, and Master appointed me as your escort,” he opened his hand towards Wyatt.

“Josef?” asked Solana, “Master is finally letting his son out of the castle, eh?”

“My training’s been going well. He trusts me to go into the city with him,” he pointed to Wyatt.

“Hold on, into the city?” I wondered, “Your Master just said the escort would take Wyatt to the outskirts. He said the city was too dangerous.”

“It seems Father had a change of heart, then. He told me to take your friend all the way to his home in Old Tenebris.”


The End

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