8.4: "A Pure Heart"

“Purity of heart? Sorry, but that doesn’t sound like me at all,” I refuted.

“How so?” the Master asked.

I thought about it for a few moments, “I was selfish enough to leave home to search for my parents.”

“Selfish? Or brave?”

I stopped again, “Selfish. And stupid.

The Master frowned, “Self-loathing will never help you find your parents.”

Pure of heart, me? What a tale to spin. What have I done to boast a pure heart? I left my loved ones, and denied my best friend's help.

But then again, how do I have White Essence?

“Essence does change with the person. Perhaps age will taint your Essence, if you still believe you are unworthy. Right now, your heart is pumping pure, White Essence, free of light and darkness.”

Light and darkness. “What is left, then?” I wondered.

“The heart is emptied of both, leaving nothing but emotion. Tell me, what do you feel when you place your hand over your heart?”

I did as he said, and a single tear rolled down my cheek. “Empty,” I said.

“That is the purity of heart,” he smiled softly. I must have pleased him. “Solana, find him a vacant room. He will commence training tomorrow.”

Training?” I asked.

The Master gave me a stern glare, “If you want to find your parents, you will need to be able to channel your Essence.”

I tried studying the Master’s look. For some reason, I felt like his intentions were not to help me find my parents, but to nurture my White Essence for the sake of the Order. “Fine,” I said, “I’ll stay, but once I’ve mastered my Essence, I’m going to search for my parents again.”

He grinned with content, “Very good. Solana will lead you to your room.”

“Yes, sir,” I decided upon a formality, considering he now governed me. “Let’s go, Wyatt.”

“Right behind you!” Wyatt yelled.

Half of our bodies were between the doorway behind Solana, when the Master yelled, “Wait!”

Wyatt and I turned ourselves around and returned to the foot of the throne’s staircase.

The Master continued, “Sorry, but only Guardians are permitted to stay here. Your friend will have to leave.”

The End

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