8.3: White Essence

“Oliveira!?” the Master’s eyes widened, “Tell me, what are your parents’ names?”

His reaction surprised me. Why was my last name so familiar to him? “Eve and Samuel,” I pushed across my lips, unsure of the consequence.

“You’re Samuel’s child!?” He descended from his throne and extended his hand to me. A giant grin was plastered across his face, “I am Master Jude Watters; I knew your parents well.”

Knew? Well? I was tempted to correct him by telling him they were not dead, but he probably saw the graves too at some point. Then again, Solana told me that Guardians no longer enter Old Tenebris.

“Ah, I can see it. You have the same determined look as your mother. That glare of both confusion and necessity. Tell me, what are you searching for?”

My head lowered and my fists clenched. I was about ready to break my knuckles until I coughed up the words, “My parents.”

“What do you mean?” wondered the Master, “I heard your parents died a decade ag—”

“They’re not dead. Those coffins are empty.”

I almost forgot to shake his hand, that was how tense I was. I relaxed my hand, and grabbed his. I patiently waited for them to glow again, as they did with Solana.

After a few moments, they did glow. Mine was white as it always was, and his was a lavender color.

The Master’s eyes widened, “White Essence!? We haven’t had one of those in three centuries! Not even direct descendants of Sibyl can muster up White Essence!”

Wow, Solana was right. This White Essence really would be a big deal.

I wondered what Wyatt and Solana’s reactions were, so I turned my neck, still gripping firmly on the Master’s hand. Wyatt cheered for me, but Solana kept her head down, pushing hair from her eyes. Was something wrong?”

“Master, I have a question. I don’t understand any of this ‘Essence’ stuff. I’ve never heard of it until today. What exactly is Essence, and why is mine so special?” I asked.

“You don’t know about any of it? Where are you from exactly?” the Master wondered.

“Old Tenebris. Solana told me you all abandoned it a while ago.”

Old Tenebris. Ah, yes, we don’t dare go near that city anymore. The Dweller population there is among the highest in the country. It would be too dangerous to return there.”

Dangerous? Solana just knocked a bear to the ground with her fist. If I could survive there for eighteen years, a Guardian should be able to handle a few days.

“Allow me to answer your question. Essence is created by heightened human instinct. It is a product of a subconscious connection between the evolved instinct and the Guardian’s personality. The human personality itself is a factor of several other reactants within the brain. Because of this, each individual’s Essence brands itself with a color, ranging through the color spectrum.”

I interrupted him, “So why is white so fascinating to you all? Isn’t it just a representation of my personality?”

“White Essence...was the color of Sibyl’s, the first Guardian. Her Essence was the rarest and most powerful of all. It was the purest of all Essence, and can only be attained by purity of heart.”

The End

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