8.1: Door to the Order

A marvel to the eye, the stone edifice sat majestically atop the plain. The spires climbed over the forest canopy, dropping banners over them. The banners bore a white circle, with a bird flying beneath it, all over a blue backdrop. The Order certainly knew how to be eloquent.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? Wait until they find out I brought back White Essence. They’ll be overjoyed!” Solana tensed with excitement.

We walked towards the doors, and from this perspective, the spires towered so high they could not be seen. The doors were gilded with a combination of jade and silver, with a branding of a bird embellished in gold. Wyatt and I were awestruck.

Solana stepped to the doors and knocked. “Who is it?” someone asked from inside.

“Keith, come on. Let me in,” answered Solana.

“Solana! Hey! How was the mission?”

“Just wonderful. I’ll tell you all about it inside.”

“You see, I would,” said the voice, “but you have those two with you.”

“They’re harmless! I need to take them to the master!”

The person hesitated, then answered, “Okay, just tell them not to touch anything.”

Solana pulled our arms backward, signaling us to step away from the doors. They opened slowly, being pushed by the person who greeted Solana at the door. Keith, was it?

Wait a minute, how did he know we were here? There was no hole in the doors.

The doors fully opened, and through the doorway a man approached. Actually, not really a man. He seemed like he was our age also. His brunet hair swayed with the wind while he walked towards us.

“So, who are your new friends?” he asked.

Solana gestured towards me, “This is Elijah, and this is Wyatt. Elijah here needs to speak with the Master right now.”

“For what? The Master is probably busy.”

“Don’t you like surprises?”

Keith—if that was his name—sighed, “Fine. It’s not my fault if you get in trouble for this.”

Thanks, Keith.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know the whole ‘I’ll make it up to you’ speech. Come on, I’ll take you all to the Master.”

Wyatt and I hadn’t said a word since we got to the castle. There were even more questions than answers, so much that I began getting dizzy. A migraine split my head; I decided to close my eyes until we met with their Master.

Keith, who was in front of me, turned around and chuckled, “You really shouldn’t walk around here with your eyes closed, unless you know how.”

The End

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