7.3: Forest of Passion

I thought about what she said for a moment, “So what are you doing here?”

“Yeah,” Wyatt added, “Last time I checked, bears have never been supernatural.”

“No,” answered Solana, “I was just returning to the castle after an investigation. Something odd apparently happened in Crucani, but ended up just being a ploy for some cult to gain support from the Order. It didn’t end very well for them.”

“What happened?” I wondered.

“Let’s just say they’ll be in the hospital for quite some time.”

“You assaulted them?”

“They were asking for it. They disrespected the Order, disrespected me. I will not stand for that.” Her fists clenched. She seemed very passionate about the Order.

I nodded, and we stayed silent a little longer. Solana was trapped in her mind, probably thinking about her recent mission. Wyatt scanned the environment and smiled in awe at the sight of foliage. It was rare to even see grass in Old Tenebris, as it would grow in small patches in between cracks in the pavement. It relaxed me how beautiful the forest was, how alive everything seemed to be. Was it just this part of the forest? I did not recall this feeling from earlier.

Then the trees formed a ring, and a field expanded our view. My jaw fell off its hinges when I saw the enormous structure in the center of the plain.

“We’re here,” smiled Solana.

The End

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