7.2: To the Castle

We walked for a bit as Solana described the castle. From her words it seemed extravagant, but I was still skeptical about this whole endeavor. Questions thrashed about in my head, so many that I kept absolutely silent while trying to process it all.

Solana eventually forced me out of it, “Not much of a talker, are you?”

Wyatt spoke for me, “I think you might have blown his mind with the whole ‘being a Guardian’ thing.”

Anyways,” I interrupted, “I’m just letting the information sink in.”

“Well, maybe you can tell me about you then,” she added. “You said you were from Old Tenebris?”

I nodded without opening my mouth, which she was hoping for.

“So what brought you to the middle of the woods.”

“We were on the road, but we heard you scream. So, Prince Charming here,” he pointed at me, “decided to ride to the castle and save his princess.”

Solana giggled, and I spoke up again, “We were heading to Timorba if that answers your question.”

“It does. Why were you headed that way?”

Wyatt began to open his mouth, prompting me to slam my palm against it, “It’s a long story.”

“You can’t condense it at all?” she frowned.

“Fine,” I sighed, “My parents are missing. Wyatt and I are traveling to go find them.”

Her eyes fell to the ground; her head tilted at an angle. Did I strike a nerve? “Were they Guardians, too? Probably not, since you know nothing about it.”

Talking about my parents always made me focus on that hole, that void within my heart. Every heartbeat hurt. Every deep breath was suffocating. I endured it enough to mumble underneath my breath, “I don’t think so.”

Wyatt pouted now. I wondered if he understood what that hole felt. His parents died before he could even speak. Mrs. Sands had taken care of him all of his life, but did he feel the same emptiness I did.

I hoped my endeavor didn’t unearth any bad memories.

I decided to liven our spirits by throwing us off the topic, “So what does the Order do exactly? We’ve never really heard about them in Old Tenebris.”

“We were founded originally to put an end to the Solar Convergence, but we haven’t had any major discoveries for centuries. So, we began to look at our mission in a different way.”

“And that would be?” Wyatt asked.

“Fight the darkness, and create a world where light overpowers the twilight. To do that, we—this is going to sound cliche, but—fight crime.”

“So you just, go around and bring any criminal to justice?” Wyatt wondered, raising an eyebrow.

“No, not just any petty thief or purse snatcher. We handle what law enforcement cannot.”

Wyatt and I waited for an answer.

“Supernatural phenomena. Anything that may have a connection to the Solar Convergence.”

The End

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