6.4: Color of Confusion

A minute went by, and the bear turned its head back, and growled at the woman once again. My heartbeat sped up, and it seemed like it was hotter. I lost my chance to fear, but I could create another one. I peeked around one more time. This time, the girl was looking at me.

She gave me a wink with her right eye. A signal? I knocked on the tree one more time, and the bear turned to me again. I pulled my arm back, turned the corner, and threw the twig, aiming for its right eye.

The twig smacked against the bear’s eye, causing it to wince. It took its paw off of the girl and pressed it against its eye.

While it was distracted, I ran to help the girl off the ground. “Are you okay?” I asked.

“Nice throw. Now it’s my turn,” her fists clenched.

“Your turn to do what?”  Either she was crazy or...no, she was definitely crazy.

She approached the bear, and jumped into a fighting stance. “You’re not actually going to wrestle that bear, are you?”

The girl ignored me, and stayed in her fighting stance. Then, out of nowhere, her fists began to glow the same cerulean as her eyes. It was like she was channeling energy within her body. It was so familiar. Where had I seen that before?

And then, it all came back to me. That aura she emanated was just like what I did the day my parents disappeared. Except this girl, her energy was blue. Mine was white.

The girl bashed the bear’s skull, knocking it unconscious in a matter of seconds. Whatever that energy was, it made her powerful.

She finished the bear off, then walked over to me, extending an open palm. “Thanks for that. I couldn’t give him a good punch without a free hand. He really caught me off guard.”

I shook her hand kindly, and nodded. She was cold, but her hand started to warm up in my grasp.

“White!?” she yelled. Her eyes fixated on our hands. When I looked down, I realized she meant my hand.

We were both emitting an aura from our hands. I never had this happen before. Shaking hands didn’t usually make fireworks. Maybe it was because we both had the same power, but my head was spinning enough from the confusion. I stopped thinking about it altogether.

Wyatt finally came out of his hiding place, just as spooked as I was, “What the hell!?” he exclaimed.

“Wait, you two don’t know what this is?” she asked.

I shook my head, “Not a single clue.”

“Well, I guess I have a lot of explaining to do. I’ll start with my name: Solana.”

The End

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