6.2: Voice of Reason

A bloodcurdling outcry nearly busted my ears off my head. If that doe was a beast of nature, now we were dealing with a demon. Wyatt and I flinched at the moment of terror that sounded through the road.

“I guess we know what that doe was running from.” Wyatt chuckled, unaware of any real danger.

“Come on, we’ve almost made it to—”

“Get off me! Ah!” Someone—a woman I presumed—yelled out from the veil of evergreens, from the same direction as the animal’s roar.

“What the hell was that? A woman?” Wyatt cried, making his assumption from the high-pitched shriek.

“We’ll only know if we check,” I answered.

“No way Elijah. Grandma wouldn’t like it if she found out we were mutilated by a wild animal on our first day. If you’re going on a suicide mission, at least wait a few weeks.”

I could never grasp those moments when Wyatt became the voice of reason, but lately, I have been the reckless one. However, sometimes reasonable and right do not correlate. “Fine, you can go back to Old Tenebris without me, or go to Timorba on your own, whichever you want. I’m going this way,” I pointed in the direction of the roar.

Wyatt scrunched his forehead with irritation, searching his mind for an absent response. I spoke again, “Okay, suit yourself. See you later.”

I took two baby steps towards the scream before Wyatt grabbed my arm. His tense grip loosened after a couple of seconds. He sighed in defeat, “I’ll come, but if you get thrown back into the hospital, Mrs. Sands will know I tried to convince you otherwise. Got it?”

“Thanks, buddy,” I stretched my lips across my face, creating a large enough smile that Wyatt could see my wisdom teeth.

Wyatt wound up and punched my arm with all his might, “You’re an idiot, remember that.”

“I’ll write it down later for future reference. Now come on, the scream came from this way.” I gestured Wyatt towards me, and we approached the cry.

We jogged far away from the main road after leaping over the guardrail. The terrain was flat, but heavily forested. Trying to see ahead of us proved extremely difficult. Sounds of the woman were faint enough to keep us from finding her.

“Where the hell are we going, Elijah?” asked Wyatt.

The screaming stopped entirely, and replaced itself with muffled grunts and groans. My head swiveled in every direction, but I still could not find the source. “I don’t know!” I yelled, completely frustrated by my incompetence. I wasn't even sure if I could guide us both back to the main road.

The End

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