3.3: Broken Promise

This note...now I figured out where I was: my old home, where I used to live with my parents. I was in a dream, because I never willingly stepped back in that house after the day they left. I looked at my hand again; it was smooth and plump, unlike my usual long and slender fingers.

The pieces were coming together in my head: the tall bed, my small hands, the high table, all of it. I was not the Elijah who lived a decade without his parents…I was the eight year-old Elijah who waved farewell to his parents.

They promised me they would be back. They promised me they would come home when they were done with their work.

They broke that promise. It has been ten years.

The note crushed inside my youthful fingers, and I struggled to hold back the tears. Too many people told me that my parents were dead, that they died of “mysterious circumstances.” If they did, I never saw the body. We buried an empty grave.

My heart pounded again, but not in the way that it did before. This time it enlivened me like it did a decade ago. There was an emptiness that lingered within my heart, but I never lost hope. I wanted to be with my parents again.

Maybe this time, I could chase them. I walked to the front door, remembering its location, and took nothing with me. I trudged slowly through the streets of Old Tenebris, and did not stop. I did not bring a raincoat, or an umbrella, or even food. Caring about my survival was not a thought that flew through my head, only my parents. If I died on this spot by pneumonia, so be it. I needed to fill that void in my heart once again.

After a few blocks I was towards the outskirts of town. There was a single street that led to the next town, through a heavy forest. My parents went that way. I did not know how I came to that conclusion, but that was what my mind told me. I started running down the street, away from Old Tenebris. I could feel tears flowing down my face, but I could not discern them from the rain that constantly beat at my face.

I had to have ran for a half mile passed dozens of vehicles driving to and from Old Tenebris until police sirens screeched from behind me. I slowed my pace down, gradually retreating to a careful tread. The red and blue lights refracted against the soaked asphalt, and the colors became brighter and brighter.

Eventually the squad car pulled over next to me. The officer dropped the window down, and began interrogating me, “Hey kid! Do you know what time it is?”

I would have told him that I was eighteen, if I was. How old was I right now? Eight? Anyways, I remained silent and continued walking.

“It’s almost Terminus Duscan kid! Where are you going all alone? Where are your parents?”

I told him, “Missing. I’m finding them.”

“Kid, leave this to the police. We’ll find your parents. Now get in so we can find you somewhere to sleep.”

Again, I was silent and kept walking.

The officer proceeded to step out of his car and chase me, grabbing my hand. I shouted, “Let go of me!”

“Sorry kid, I can’t let you stay out here alone. It’s dangerous to be outside during TD.”

“Let go of me!” I shouted, this time, flailing my limbs around to break free. He was pulling me away from my parents, and I couldn’t let that happen. The more I pulled, the stronger the cop’s grip became. No. No!

Something radiated within me. A white light glistened from my body and it made me feel...powerful. “No!” I screamed again, and this time the cop let go, frightened.

“What the hell are you, kid!?” He fled to his cop car and drove back towards Old Tenebris.

Power. A fix of something I finally needed. The white light grew more and more vibrant, and cars were speeding away from me. Good. Let them know not to stand in my way. Mom. Dad. I’m coming.

The white light gleamed so strongly that I could no longer see. This light was not like the bedroom light, where the light was a comfort for the eyes. This was actually blinding, so I had to close my eyes.

When the light dissipated, I opened my eyes again. I was in a hospital bed this time, with a nurse looking down over me. I looked one more time at my hand. It was thin and slender like it was before. I was in the real world once again. Nonetheless, I could feel the tears on my face. Why are the only remnants from dreams the tears that are shed within them?

The End

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