3.2: My Empty Heart

Crash! About twenty steps down, I heard a horrific sound from the right wall. I assumed it came from outside, because the noise resembled thunder. It startled me enough for me to lose my balance on the step I halted on. I would have fell had I not caught the rail as soon as I launched forward.

Falling down the stairs was the least of my worries. A pain in my chest smacked against my rib cage, bringing me to my knees. The thunder had to be the cause, but I couldn’t move to descend the stairs to investigate. I was incapacitated as the throbbing grew. My heart thumped harder and harder, and I was sweating profusely. My whole body tensed and I could only inhale short bursts of air. When would it end? When would the pain go away?

In my desperation, the sweating subsided, and my muscles relaxed again. My heartbeat slowed, and strength flowed back through my veins. I could finally stand up again, feeling rejuvenated. My entire body felt revitalized, all except for one piece: my heart.

My heart did not fully recover. I couldn’t place a finger on it, but something was...taken. There was a hole somewhere in my heart. A vacuum of nonexistent space, where before my heart felt complete. Something was missing, and that emptiness was somehow present. It was there, but it was not there.

I tried to forget about it, but it lingered as I finally reached the bottom of the staircase. I took a couple more steps, feeling the carpet underneath me. This room was just as dark, even with windows. However, there was a natural reason: a storm. A downpour was crashing against the earth outside. Dark clouds obscure the twilight, trapping all the light in the stratosphere. That also confirmed my suspicion of the thunderous sound, be it actual thunder.

The room I entered was simple and comforting. It bore the same off-white carpet as the upstairs hallway, and a glass table stood in the center. Two black sofas faced each other from opposite walls, with the table becoming a schism between them. On the table was several ornaments and decorations, vases and coasters. However, hanging off the edge of one of the curvatures was a piece of paper.

I approached the table, and put my hand out to take the paper. That was when I realized how tall the table was, as I just barely stood over it. I had to reach up to snatch the paper. Not only that, my hands were smaller, like they were the hands of a small child.

With enough effort, the paper was in my tiny hands, and I noticed there was words written on it. It was a note, addressed to me. I read its contents:


Dear Elijah,

I know this is sudden, but your mother and I had to leave for a late night business trip. Neither of us know how long we will be back, but I’ve already arranged for you to stay with your friend Wyatt and his grandmother. Don’t worry about where we are, or when we will be back, because we will come home as soon as we’re finished. Never forget that we love you.


The End

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