3.1: Rooms of Light and Darkness

My eyelids quickly spread open as I lay on something soft. My head was propped on something fluffy. A bed, clad in pure white linens to match the ceiling I found myself staring at. The white light was so pure, as if to be unreal. No one could ever gaze at bright colors under the twilight. Our eyes are not adapted for bright colors and lights, for we only have a portion of the sun’s light.

Yet, the room was blinding, but I did not feel the need to squint my eyes for protection. This light was intense, but nurturing, enough so that I could open my eyes wide to take it all in.

A distracting light it was, as it made me forget all of my troubles, all of my woes.

But where was I?

I scanned the room for a way out: a door, hatch, window, anything. The room lacked an exit, which threw me into a panic. How would I leave? Where was Wyatt?

A creaking sound entered my ear amidst all of my panic. Finally, a sound to cut through the emptiness. Something to make me feel alive again. I looked directly in front of me: a slit of darkness on the far wall. The angle of the darkness surely had to be a door, and that assumption invigorated my thoughts. Blood rushed through my bones as I cast anchor to the ground. It was a couple feet to fall onto the floor though; the bed must have towered over it.

I grabbed at one of the adjacent walls of light to see if I could hold a door and open it. One of the sides was in fact a door, and I pulled it towards me, widening my view of the outside. It was a hallway. Short, maybe fifteen feet across, with a staircase at the end. It is much darker than the room I woke up in, but the bright beige carpet offers enough light for me to see my way.

As the bedroom was too bright, the hallway was too dark for my eyes. The twilight offers up enough light that we can see anywhere, excluding bedrooms, which are built to keep the twilight out. This obscuring hallway reminded me of times I needed to navigate my bedroom while Wyatt slept.

I reached the stairs in a matter of seconds, and I started descending them. I couldn’t see the bottom because of how somber it was. Step after step and I felt like I was getting farther and farther away from the bottom, like I was going down the up escalator at a shopping mall.

The End

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