2.3: The Question of Humanity

“Hm, he didn’t put up much of a fight, did he?” pondered Mr. Tinker.

I decided to step in again, “My guess is he was only a Dweller for a short period of time. He said his wife kicked him out almost two weeks ago. After he punched Wyatt, he fell to the ground and grovelled for money.”

“Almost two weeks? His conscience is nearly deteriorated, then. Nonetheless, you’re telling me he broke free of his instincts for two strangers who he could have killed for money?”

“Is it that hard to believe?” I sank into my seat, and looked away from Mr. Tinker, “The world isn’t entirely darkness.”

“Darkness and instinct are entirely different things. In some ways, the twilight is what protects us from darkness, but in exchange, we endanger our—”

Humanity.” The word popped in my head like I knew the answer all my life. It was odd, but that word reverberated against my brain. The twilight is all I have ever known, and all I have ever known was human. What is the humanity that we had before the Solar Convergence?

“The great words of Sibyl, the first Guardian. I see you have been paying attention.”

I wasn’t sure if Mr. Tinker was speaking anymore. His voice had softened into a low murmur, and my vision began to blur. Why was I so sleepy? My muscles were relaxing themselves.

The room was spinning now, kicking in nausea. I felt something squeeze my arm. Was someone holding onto me? I couldn’t think straight...and my eyes...couldn’t...stay open...any more.

The End

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