1.2: Routine

“Are you done eating yet Wyatt?” sighed Mrs. Sands, “I should have Elijah walk to school on his own if you make yourselves late again. You wouldn’t want him to get hurt would you?”

“I’m sorry! I like to savor my meals.”

Savoring and actually eating can be done at the same time, you know,” I intervened as Mrs. Sands stole Wyatt’s plate from the table, which was only halfway finished. Wyatt frowned once more, and the two of us left for school.

Wyatt and I tread through Old Tenebris every Excitus, and return just before the Duscan. It is a routine we have adjusted ourselves to ever since I moved in with Wyatt. The Sands’ had been another family to me for all of my life. I couldn’t remember a time when Wyatt was not by my side.

It is always best to traverse Old Tenebris with a friend. Mrs. Sands always stresses our unity; it is safer that way. Crime happens at a high rate in this town, from robbery, murder, even a few cases of rape. Mrs. Sands never could find enough money to move us out of the town. At some point we even tried mugging people to collect enough to buy us a new house in another city. Two problems with that plan: no one takes a couple of ten year-olds with plastic bats seriously, and there is always a high chance you will anger the wrong people in this town.

“Today is awfully quiet, don’t you think?” asked Wyatt, who was grinning slightly.

“You’re right. Usually there’s at least one person who comes up to us begging for money,” I smiled at the peace and quiet as we strolled through town.

Not a soul had approached us yet. We were just a few blocks from the school too, so it seemed we finally got lucky not having another run-in with another distasteful Dweller.

Dwellers are anyone without a home, forced to live under the twilight, which is problematic. Being under the twilight for long periods of time is said to “change” people. Bedrooms are prohibited to have windows because of this; the Duscan is a time to rest from heavy exposure from the twilight’s energy, so our consciousness may remain intact.

Our run-ins with Dwellers have always been tricky to maneuver. We can usually discern Dwellers from common folk, because the Dwellers usually give us bizarre glares and threaten us. It’s usually the threat that tips us off.

The End

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