This is about a young man named Elijah and his adventure through the Solar Convergence, a phenomenon where the sun and moon have permanently aligned. Much of this is explained in the premise, but it's a new solo I started. Enjoy :)

There is no day. There is no night. The two cycles of time have not existed for a millennium. The world is trapped within the Solar Convergence: a phenomenon where the moon and sun align. Many used to refer to this as an “eclipse,” and usually it would last for only several minutes. But one day, a thousand revolutions ago, the two deities realigned, and remained that way.

And with the convergence of light and dark in the skies came the melding of each within the hearts of the world’s inhabitants. For generations, humans fought with each other. Lines were drawn not by countries, or races, or clans. They were drawn between individuals, all fighting for their own ideals underneath the twilight. Friends became enemies, and made friends with enemies. Light and darkness became intertwined, and everyone lost their sense of good and evil. Instinct was all they had left.

However, all hope was not lost. About a century after the Solar Convergence, humanity began to evolve. Sibyl was the first of her kind, born with ability to enhance human instinct, in order to see beyond light and darkness, even being able to manipulate it. She, along with nine others, founded the Order of the Guardians. They vowed to forever protect humanity from its own primitive instinct, and restore the day-night cycle, separating light from darkness once again.

Centuries later, the Order continues to operate. More and more Guardians have been born since then, and their population grows. They often return to the cities to restore order as peacekeepers, while many others study the Solar Convergence in hopes of separating the sun and moon. And with their birth, the world would have some order again.

The End

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