Gagged, Bound and Accepted

Zuriel was too depressed for flying. Today was supposed to be a good day, one of joy and exubliation. It ended up being heart-breaking and full of unwanted emotion.

"Crap. " Zuriel kept muttering curses under his breath, wondering how he was going to make it up to Laken and Haley.

Haley is the closest thing to a sister I have ever had. Laken is practically my brother. Why do I treat them so horribly?

Throwing himself on a park bench, Zuriel stared at the flickering solar orb hovering in front of him. The Angels were always looking for ways to conserve energy, and half of the time they all become flickering blobs of nothingness.

"Kid." A deep voice rumbled from the bushes next to Zuriel. "You have 5 seconds to get off of that bench, or else."

Zuriel leaped off the bench, and was instantly thrown to the ground. Hulking figures ran out of the bushes, carrying rope. They all had black wings, with red down.

"What the hell is goi-" Zuriel's mouth was gagged, and his appendages were bound.

"Kid, don't speak. People will get the wrong idea." The gruff voice from the bushes came from a muscular Angel in front of him. His muscular torso was covered in tattoos, including a wing next to his right eye. "We heard you are wanting to join the guard. This is how we find out if you are ready or not."

Zuriel was thrown over the muscular guy's shoulder.

"If you pass this, welcome to the Guard. If not, welcome to the memory wiping chamber." They took off to the sky, the clouds rippled around them.

Zuriel managed to remove his gag. "What is this test exactly?"

"Oh, it will be easier for you. You have already done half of it."

The End

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