Cup of Joe

Halo's was quieter than usual, on an average day it was teeming with students from Wingz and their surrogate angel parents. There was only two students giggling in the corner.

Laken offered to pay this round, and was already at the counter ordering the coffee.

"Zuriel, listen." Haley slid into the farthest booth from the door. "The guard is dangerous. Stay as a healer, you'll see how hurt these angels get! Earth is no place for angels."

Zuriel smiled, catching Haley staring at his bare chest. "Don't worry about me. I was born for this, I know it is what I have to do."

Laken slid two cups of Coffee at Zuriel and Haley, sliding into the booth.

"Laken, you never did tell me what you plan to do with your life." Zuriel took a swig of his Irish Cream coffee, and grimaced at his now burnt tounge.

"I'm going to enter the Hall of Script. I'm hoping to be one of the librarians." Laken gave a half smile, then focused on his fingernails. "I don't like that violent line of work, the one you two want to go into."

"You could be a healer!" Haley was suprised at Laken's answer. "You don't have to be deployed to earth!"

"Leave him be." Zuriel was looking at the from under his brow, rubbing his lip ring in between two fingers. "If he doesn't have the guts to do anything worthwile, let him do it."

Laken ran his hand through his short, copper hair. "I'm not like you Zuriel. I'm not the guy with tattoos around his body or a 6 pack on his abdomen. I'm just a guy who likes information, and knowledge. So if you can't handle that, then don't speak to me."

Laken stood up and walked from the booth, not even looking back at his friends.

"Laken! Stop!" Haley called after him.

"No, leave me be Haley." Laken opened the door to Halo's and spread his wings. "Why don't you just tell Zuriel what you really think about him. It's obvious anyway."

It a flutter of pure white wings, and a flash of his purple sash, Laken took off into the night.

"Great, look what you did Zuriel!" Haley yelled. "You had to make fun of him didn't you?"

"I didn't." Zuriel shrugged and downed the rest of his coffee. "He freaked out. And he also mentioned something about you, what do you think of me?"

Haley stared at the stubborn angel in front of her, with her soft pink eyes. "Nothing."

Zuriel laughed and got up from the booth. "Your not fooling anyone, I know you like me. It is so obvious." He stalked out of the coffee shop, not even looking back at Haley, who was left weeping over a Cup of Joe

The End

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