Anixa Part Three

When Adam finally caught up with Anixa, she was standing in the shade of a cluster of palm trees. Her hand was resting on one of the dark trunks, her fingers anxiously tapping the wood. Adam watched her for a moment and saw she looked paler and was shaking.

        "Are you okay?"

Anixa stood still until a cool ocean breeze danced across the sand. She shifted her wight and then seemed to notice Adam for the fist time. She took a deep breath and shuddered.

Anixa looked up and met Adam's questioning gaze. "I have to leave, the beach isn't safe for me anymore. If I'm not at school tomorrow, don't worry about me, I'll be fine."

Anixa dropped her bag and sprinted away. Adam stood in shock. What was he going to tell Mr. Kingston? With a sigh, he shouldered both bags amd slowly walked back to Mr. Kingston. He stopped when he reached the bottle that Anixa had dropped after she read the note. He picked it up and looked at it. The bottle was just an ordinary glass bottle, faintly tinted red. He shrugged and dropped it in the sand, not knowing it still held a large clue to who Anixa really was.

         Later that night, a thunderstorm shook the town. Everyone was safe and dry in their houses, save the lone figure walking down the beach. The figure had long hair that danced wildly in the wind. Ice blue lighting flashed across the sky as the figure reached down and picked up a glass bottle, faintly tinted red. The figure straightened  back up, stuffed something in the bottle and threw it out into the raging black surf. Rain pelted the beach, soaking the already dripping figure. Bright purple lighting flashed across the sky as the figure threw back its head and screamed. Lighting of all colors lit up the sky and illuminated the figure's face, revealing dripping copper waves plastered to ivory skin. Anixa.

      Mr. Kingston's class cleaned up the beach the next day. Adam was alone since Anixa wasn't there. He spent the whole class wondering aimlessly around the storm-tossed sands, thinking of reasons Anixa was gone. With each scenario worse than the one before it, he soon gave up and and sat down in the sand near the same place where Anixa found the bottle yesterday. The crystal-blue breakers were slowly trying to push something tinted red up on the beach. Adam grabbed it out of the water's grasp. It was the same bottle from yesterday! Adam pulled out the cork and tapped it against his palm. A small folded up piece of dark seaweed fell out. Adam unfolded the damp piece and looked at it. whatever it said was cryptically written in bizzarre symbols. Adam was about to fold it back up when something caught his eye. In glimmering pink letters, Anixa was clearly written on the seaweed. Adam almost dropped it. He blinked and then looked again, sure he was wrong. Adam looked again but saw he was right. Anixa's name was a pink fire against the dark seaweed. He folded it back up and stuck it in the bottle. Gently putting the bottle in his pocket, he knew he had to find Anixa and get the note to her. As he turned his back to the water, just a few feet out, the water turned darker and started boiling. Dark laughter was just barely heard over the waves as a black shark fin circled the boiling waters.

The End

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