Guardian of the Storms Trilogy: Book One-Anixa

Anixa is a seventeen year old girl who is half mermaid and half human. She had to leave her home in the ocean for high school in California becuase there's trouble brewing. Big trouble. Anixa thinks she can get by as a human until the trouble at home dies down. But she didn't expect falling for the guy that sits next to her in Mr. Kingston's class. And if she thought she could get by as a human, well she was wrong. Just when things are seemingly normal, a visit from an old "friend" stirs things

Anixa squared her shoulders and walked in. Everywhere she turned was chaos, a mess of students. She sighed. She still didn’t understand why she had to go to high school when she already knew everything she would learn here. Anixa turned and headed down the hallway to the main office. So much for all schools being different.  She thought as a group of guys whistled at her from a corner. Quickly, she pulled open the door and walked to the desk.  An old woman with white hair swept up into a bun and small glasses perched on the edge of her nose sat busily typing and just barely looked up when Anixa walked in.

“Is this where I get my schedule?”

The woman looked up. “And you are?”

Anixa readjusted the strap on her bag. “My name’s Anixa Maelstrom.”

The woman looked hard at Anixa. “So you’re the new girl? Well good luck here, and remember, we take education here very seriously, so don’t cause any trouble.”

Anixa nodded, grabbed her schedule and turned to go.

                “Anixa, one more thing. Welcome to Oceanic High.”

Anixa nodded and walked out. She glanced at her schedule and started walking off towards the back of the school.


                Adam was leaning against his desk, surrounded by his usual group of friends. Adam listened as they continued to talk about last night’s party.

The bell rang and the teacher, Mr. Kingston, walked in.  “I expect you all did your homework last night, as you will have a quiz over all the material on it in five minutes. I suggest you use this time to study.”

The class groaned, and a few pulled out papers and began to study. Five minutes too soon, Mr. Kingston began passing out the quiz. Just a couple minutes into it, the door opened and a tall girl with long wavy red hair walked in. She walked over to Mr. Kingston’s desk and whispered something to him. He nodded and pointed to the only open seat in the class, the one next to Adam.  The girl slowly walked down the aisle and sat down, aware that all eyes in the class were on her. She quickly sat down, tucked her hair behind her ear, and pulled out a sketchpad. Adam kept looking up at her, finding it hard to concentrate on what he was doing. Soon, he completely gave up and stretched. Casually, he glanced at her sketchpad, trying to see what she was working on. She slowly looked up and met his gaze. She gave him a flicker of what could’ve been the start of a smile and then resumed working.


She looked up again.  “What?”

                “My name’s Adam, it’s nice to meet you. Very nice to meet you.”

She nodded slowly. “And my name’s Anixa.”

                “Well then, Anixa, I haven’t seen you around here before. You new here?”

Anixa nodded again and returned to her sketch. Adam sighed. It was going to be hard to talk to her.

                “Where from?”  

Anixa smiled. “Far away.”

                “Mr. Holmes, unless you wish to take a zero, I suggest you stop talking to Miss Maelstrom.”

Anixa laughed to herself and continued drawing.


                After the class was done, Mr. Kingston started lecturing on the marine ecosystems. Some students were sleeping or daydreaming, while very few were actually listening. Adam looked over at Anixa again to see that she was still sketching. He pulled a piece of paper out of his notebook and started writing on it, then folded it up and passed it to Anixa. She read it, slowly looked up, glanced at him out of the corner of her eye, and shook her head. This interaction hadn’t gone unnoticed by Mr. Kingston.

                “Miss Maelstrom, I see my lecture is boring you and Mr. Holmes. Well if the two of you can answer my question, then I won’t write you up.”

Adam looked at Anixa. She smiled at Mr. Kingston and closed her sketchbook.

                “Actually Mr. Kingston, I think you’re absolutely right. California should take more pride in its beaches, as they are one of the main factors in the tourism business, and the waters are becoming far too polluted. And you’re right, if no one starts cleaning up the beaches, we definitely would see a drop in marine life. Personally, I think that we should go and clean up the beaches. Maybe if we started on it, others would join in. We could lead by example.”

Mr. Kingston’s jaw dropped, but he quickly recovered his composure. “Miss Maelstrom, that is an excellent idea. If you keep up this kind of thinking in my class, the semester should be very easy for you.”

Anixa nodded and glanced out the window and longingly looked towards the water.


                After class, Adam ran to catch up to Anixa.  “Thanks.”

She looked at him. “For what?”

                “For that answer. It was pretty convincing, but you weren’t serious.”

Anixa stopped walking and faced him.“Adam, I was being dead serious. I love the water and think we need to keep it all in balance.”

She turned away and walked towards her next class, leaving Adam standing there, dumbfounded.

The End

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