Love or hate ?Mature


It had been tiring day shopping, I went out and bought all the foods that Aaliyah told me she liked for some reason I thought it was the best thing to do. Make her happy. Out of all the people I have know she is the only one who has been there for me when I needed someone. Why did I smile when I thought of her ?

I worked up the steps to the apartment, I heard music loud music coming from my apartment. I cold feel the base pumping through my body as I opened the door. The sight I saw made my blood boil. Teenagers drinking dancing in the most in suitable manner and Aaliyah on the couch with some boy. I walked of to them screaming but they didn't pay any attention.

So I did the only left I tapped into our connection

"Aaliyah, if you can drag yourself away for just a moment. I really need to speak with you. NOW!"

Once she was on the kitchen I shut the door she stood in front of them with her arms crossed looking bored.

“WHAT IS GOING ON” I screamed I was mad, and hurt why would she do this to me, Kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Wait why did I care who she kissed ? She look annoyed.

“Me I'm having a party you know Finished school, new home” She matter of factly.

“Do you know where I was today hmm ? I was out shopping for you. I bought al the foods you like.” I went into the cupboard and tossed her a bag “In there is that Jacked you have been gazing at in the Magazines. But that's it Aaliyah I threw with you. Do what you want ok. I don't care If I become a Fallen Angel Any more” With that I stormed out of the Kitchen.

I walked out the Kitchen three teenagers stood there looking awkward I should have sent them home but I smirked and crossed my arms and lean against the wall “I thought this was party” I grinned and winked at them The cheered and cranked up the music as I headed for the Study.

I sighed and sank into the chair and put my head in my hands. What was going on with me these days. Why did I get so angry knowing she kissed someone else ? Why did it me make me happy seeing Aaliyah willingly wearing my shirt.

There was faint knock at the door. I hoped it would be Aaliyah but it wasn't. It was one of the girls. She had Long brown hair that was heavy and glistened. She was a little smaller than Aaliyah, she had big brown eyes and red pouting lips

“I thought you might like a drink” She smiled handing me a glass of wine. I smiled at her “Are you ok you seem frustrated? You know what will help loosen you up dance Come one I'm Jenny by the way” she Giggled. I drank the glass of wine leaving a warm sensation in my throat. I took her hand as she led me to living room. Put my hands on her dainty wait she placed her hands on my shoulder.

We been dancing slowly for a while but when the music changed so did how we were dancing I had pulled her closer to me, our body's were moving together. I saw in the corner of my eyes Aaliyah watching. I couldn't reach her mind nor did I care. I leaned down and Kissed Jenny her lips were soft and taster of cherry's.

Somebody pulled me away from her. I turned to see Aaliyah glaring at me pure fury in her eyes. “I think it “I think its time for you all to go” I said firmly I didn't stop looking at Aaliyah.

Everybody left, Aaliyah slapped me “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING” She screamed. I wiped the blood away from my lips and stared at her.

“Oh its ok for you to kiss people but when it comes to me Im not allowed?” I asked she looked shock.

“That's Different you meant to be watching me not some SLUT” She trying to cover her tracks. I smirked.

“Or you were jealous and didn't like me kissing her, you would love me to kiss you wouldn't you” I watched as her cheeks flushed red and looked away. I walked up to her and pushed her against the wall.

“Wouldn't you hmm” I whispered in her ear. She tried to push me away I kept her there.

“Get off me I hate you, I don't want you near me” I let go of her.

“if that is what you want, I will never touch until you ask Night now Fiery vixen” With that I went into my room, I punched her near wall and slid and sat on the floor. What was wrong with me? I couldn't like her, she was rude uncontrollable and wild. I should hate her. But didn't I?

The End

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