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 Why was I soo angry all the time? Was it because I was a shape shifter? Ugh! That really doesn't sound right, but it does at the same time. I never felt liked I fitted in with my family. Ha family that was a joke, I also never felt as though I fitted in with my friends. Aaliyah Kitsune. I had to admit I liked the sound of my name, my real one that is. I was lying on my bed deep in thought, my music playing loudly. Too much had happened; last night was like the big ‘boom' of everything crashing together.

 I couldn't believe he made me sing in front of him. I hated the fact that he had me wrapped round his little finger, the way that I'm goanna have to beg now. It wasn't the fact that I had to sing in front of him, it was the fact that he knew I didn't have a choice. Plus that was another side of me that I didn't want showing off to the world.

I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew darkness filled my room. I only noticed then that my quilt was over my body, my Ipod had been turned off and there was a glass of orange juice and a plate of cookie at my bedside. I couldn't help but smile, Charoum so he must have come in. He was probably more shocked to see me still here and in my bed. I drank the orange and ate the cookies. Now I was wide awake I climbed out of the double bed, grabbing my dressing gown and heading to the bathroom.

Charoum wasn't about in the main rooms; he must be in his room I thought. All the lights were off which I didn't mind. I went into the bathroom looking in the mirror. My jade green eyes seemed different, bigger and shaped different. My skin seemed paler; I looked like I had a bit of muscle too, also I was taller. I sighed looking at the new me.

"So Aaliyah Kitsune, soon to be ex-senior at high school. Recently found out I'm a pureblood shape shifter. My last name means fox, ironic that I should be a fox well I'm like a lager, taller fox and with a black tip on my tail. Let's see what else, O'yer my parents are real my parents. My real parents gave me up." I spoke to the mirror at list it didn't make me sing to get my answers.

I showered and chucked on one of his black button shirts on, noticing how much leg I was showing now. I left my hair wet and down just running my hands through it. I flicked the light off and walked into the main room. Everything was just as I found it, it was darker everything was still. I couldn't hear anything from Charoum room when I went by his door, his light was off but I bet he could still see my feet. I bet that he could sense that I was there; I was in two minds weather or not to actually go in apologize to him.   

He didn't deserve me it, I could see the pain in his eyes when he mentioned his home. His little sister too. I wasn't used to family that sort of love, hell I wasn't used to love full stop. I found myself sitting on the piano again, by the window, looking out to the night sky.

"Full moon when everything mythical happens, all the mythical creatures come to life." How true were my words I thought speaking to myself, then without warning I was singing, soft at first then I song the first part again louder.

‘How can you see into my eyes like open doors
leading you down into my core
where I've become so numb without a soul my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
until you find it there and lead it back home'

Suddenly my body quivered I took it as a warning and stopped singing. Fainting hearing a door close again and feet move away. He saw me. Wearing his shirt, sitting on his piano, looking out of his window and signing in his apartment. I have to be more careful when I song showing this other person inside of me.


I hated working in the back room at work. It was too small for me, no windows only one door.

"Hiya Ali." Josh came in carrying a heavily box and under his arm he had a radio.

"Hey didn't know you was working today, it's like Saturday and 9 in the morning. Shouldn't you be asleep?" I joked eyeing his radio up, trying to work out the song. "Does Joe know you've got that?"

"Well...he doesn't know yet..."He smiled and I couldn't help but smile back.

"Ok let me pick a descent tones." I started tampering with the dial picking a good station.

"Ugh! I just put my new mix in." I found my bag and put the Cd in and pressing play. Soon the room was filled with a mix of everything then one song came on that I loved.

"Hey this song soo you Ali." Josh commented. "Listen." Surprisingly he clicked back so I could re-listen to the song. Then even more shocked Josh started singing along.

  ‘She works for the weekend
Mixtape of her favourite bands
Turning up the radio
Lost in the stereo, sound'

Then he started pointing to me as the lyrics went into the next verse.

 ‘She's trouble in a tank top
Pretty little time bomb
Blowin' up
Take you down
Living in the radio
Lost in stereo, sound

She's dancing alone
I'm ready to go but she's so
She's outta control, so beautiful'

I didn't realise but I was actually dancing, a mad idea came into my head then. I climbed on the table pulling Josh up with me and I started to sign.

‘And I've been
For so long
But she'll never know
I'm losing hope
'Cause she's so
(Lost in stereo)
(Lost in stereo)

(Lost in stereo)
(Lost in stereo)

Shake down on a Saturday
Sit back gotta catch my breath
'Cause every time I see her
Know she's gonna take it back somehow

Tattoos and a switchblade attitude
Snakebite heart with a bubblegum smile
Sex and stereo
Don't turn the radio down'

As soon as we sang the words ‘Don't turn the radio down' the radio suddenly stopped dead. Me and Josh before looked at the radio and then we froze.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?!" My boss Joe shouted at us.

Neither of us said anything we jumped off the table, heads down. Joe was still shouting at us, I wasn't really paying attention. I was trying not to laugh I dared a look a Josh to see that he was the same as me. Why couldn't my guardian Angel get me out of this mess?


"So he's going to be ok with this." Briony asked as we all pilled up the stairs.

"Look it's my place too, just come on. He's out, be back later anyway." I told her. Me, Briony, Jenny, Chloe, Josh, Andrew, Millie and Kevin were having a little get together. We had all finally finished school and this was like a little partly to celebrate. They all stopped and stared around the apartment, checking every little detail. I went over to the Cd's and cranked the music up; drinks were being opened and poured into glasses.

Everything was in full swing Josh ended up glue to my hip all night or rather hips. So when me and Josh were having a snog-a-thon on the sofa, I didn't pay any attention to someone calling my name. Nor to the different voice calling my name. However I heard his voice loud and clear in my head.

"Aaliyah, if you can drag yourself away for just a moment. I really need to speak with you. NOW!"

I pulled away from Josh, he moved off me going sheepish. I didn't even need to look at his face to know how busted I was. 

The End

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