A sense of de'j'a Vu in reverseMature


I dropped the glass making it shatter into tiny pieces on the patio floor. Something was wrong, seriously wrong. But what?

"Ali you're meant to do that after your 6th glass, not your first which you haven't even touched." Briony joked. But I wasn't playing attention to her, instead my body felt strange. It was like something turned my senses on and now my ears where picking up on something that was happening.

"I have to go." I suddenly said dashing off to the end of the garden. Chloe's house backed out on to the forest. When I got there my body quivered feeling different things.

"What is this, what happening?" I walked blindly into the forest, the moon shone through the trees, but still shouldn't it be darker for my eye sight? I ignored that fact for the moment and carried on through the forest, my pace growing quicker with every step.

Then my hearing picked up even more and I heard the sounds of laughing, shouting and growling.

 "Where's the Shifter? Come on its not hard your connected to her, just call her." A male voice dominated over the others, I could hear the hits and feel the pain and growling coming of the person. It was so strange, now I smelt the blood; it was well, nothing like I ever smelt before. I was running now growing more and more annoyed at what was happening.

Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks hearing the voice. Not just any ones voice. It was his voice, so clearly in my already confused head.

"Aaliyah Run! Run as fast as you can, there coming I can't save you this time. I'm sorry"

Of course like any normal person I ran. But then again I wasn't a normal person, so I ran where my senses where directing me. To the one who had called me. I looked down from where I was on the little hill and gasped. My eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing, but my emotions where faster. And boy did they react, anger, fury and pour hate filled my body.

"Did I give you a right to touch my Angel? I didn't think so". I bellowed at the group of men. Two of the holding a very bloody Charoum, two standing near him also and another the leading I guess, looked up.

"Why if it isn't the little Shifter herself." The leader shouted stepping forwards out stretching his hands to me. "We finally meet."

I looked past him to Charoum I could see the pain in his face and the warning look in his eyes.

"Aaliyah get out of here!" I flinched hearing his voice in my head; I hardened my expression, which wasn't hard to do. Charoum had the front to roll his eyes at me.

"Aw that's sweet, you two communicating with each other. I bet he's warning you to run off right?" The leader smiled at both of us, and then he nodded to the other guys who were standing watching. They nodded back and went towards Charoum.

"Stop this now! You got what you wanted, don't hurt him!" I shouted at them to stop.

"Now where's the fun in that little one?" He smiled. "Proceed." He moved his hand towards one of the men. The man had something in his hand, something dripped from the pointy end. Blood.

I couldn't stand for them to hurt him anymore. Clenching my fists feeling my nails dig into my palms, I gasped seeing my own blood in my hands.

"I'm warning you, get away from us." I snarled at him feeling my body burn with anger.

"Or what little one, your not strong enough, your weak. You couldn't even fight your father...o I mean FAKE father!"

Now this guy really did hit a nerve and was sending me off the edge. Suddenly something was happening in my body, the burning increased, I could feel the anger, the fury and something else that I couldn't even explain happening. I wanted to fight it but I couldn't, I didn't want this, didn't want to believe.

‘Little Vixen, believe in yourself...' I gasped hearing a whole different voice in my head. I looked round but no-one was there.

‘But I can't. I can't do this, not without your help.' I thought back to the voice.

‘I am always here for you, we both are little Vixen. Just believe.' The voice encouraged.

"But how"?

"Follow your instincts little Vixen. You can do this; it's in your blood.'

It was power now I could feel it. It was growing gathering in my body, just waiting to be released. Then feeling like I knew what I was doing, I took a few steps back, and then I ran and leapt into the air.

Something magical happened just then as I threw in the air, the power that I was holding burst making everything burl for just a moment. I felt my body change mid-air and as I landing and loud growl came roaring up my throat. I landed gracefully on all fours and snarled at the leader. I crouched and lunged my self at the two men closers to Charoum. I knocked them off balance, sending them flying into the trees. The other two that holding Charoum still backed up, taking his bloody shocked body with them.

Then someone was on my back, I snarled flying onto my back and rolling swinging the person to the ground. Another one came to me head on, I made a leap for him, biting his shoulder. He cried out in pain from my bite, I turned to the leader.

"Well living up to your family name I take it, only you're a little bigger and powerful." He observed. "We must meet again." Seeing his men injured and looking back to me.

"Don't bother coming back." I didn't recognize my own voice, I crouched ready to spring at him, and then someone pulled something on my body. I looked back and did a double take seeing a tail! I wasn't sure how to use it, but the man tugging was really bugging me now. I growled and found myself flicking my tail, then lifting him up and flicked my tail into the other man near by.

I heard the laugher of the leader in front of me. "O'my little one we are going to have fun. Come on boys get up, let's leave the little shifter to her new powers." Then he left taking the others with him.

I still couldn't relax, my tail which I was getting used to was still twitching, and my ears still pricked listening for any warning sound.

"Aali...yah." A voice gasped out in pain, I looked round and saw Charoum broken bleeding body clasped on the ground. I ran over to him a little faster then normal.

"Charoum." I gasped it didn't seem right, seeing him like this. My nose went to his face, his eyes closed. I carefully licked his face trying to wake him, without nudging him. "Charoum stay with me, Charoum I swear if they hurt you before I could even hit you. There will be trouble for both sides got it. Now open your eyes!" I growled lightly.

"I can't believe you threatening me when I'm badly injured." He whispered blinking his scarlet eyes.

"Yer of course I am, come on you know me always want the last word. Even if this is your big dying moment." I smiled well however I could smile, hang on what was I?

"You're a fox, Kitsune means fox. You're a pureblood Kitsune. Ahh". He cut off in pain. Now I could see the damage that they had done to him, cuts, bruise then the most shocking of all a stab wound in his stomach. Blood too much blood. I had to help him but how? Then like before, like instincts taking over my body again I began licking his wounds, trying to get the worst of it off.

"I need to get you back." I told him after a few moments, I needed to be human but I wouldn't be able to carry him. I could see that he wanted to ague, he opened his mouth but one snap of my mouth showing my sharp teeth and he stopped.

I lay down trying to get near to him as possible. "Can you climb?"

"Aaliyah I'm fine I can walk." He protested.

"Good that mean's that can climb on my back. Now get on!" He didn't dare argue, he had seen me attacking the men I could force him if I wanted to. He didn't push it and I felt his hands in my fur. I leapt up and walked though the forest, I could feel him lying along my back.

"Wait how can I be a fox? I'm taller and I'm like stronger." I asked mostly to myself.

"I. Was thinking...that tooo"-

Then he fell unconscious nesting even more in my fur, my shoulder blades. I sighed but I still felt alert my eyes darting around the forest, ears pinned up. We finally made it to where the forest ended, lucky in a way that I was near my street. Gently as I could I laid him on the ground? Right now what do I do?

Then for the third time that night I followed my natural instincts and closing my eyes I felt the power fade away. Some of it still stayed as I felt my body fall to the ground. When I opened my eyes again I saw that my purple dress was none existence. However my bracelet was still on my right wrist and seemed to be slightly warm on my bare skin.

"O' come on, I could at list have my underwear." I complained then looking around the idea came to me. I began undoing Charoum buttons praying that he was still sleeping I took his shirt and put it on. I picked him up surprised at how easy I suddenly felt; I walked over to the apartment without anyone seeing us and up to our place.

I lay him on his bed and noticed that he was stirring; I went and got a bowl of warm water and a clean cloth. I took his top off and put it in the wash going to grab my silk short and vest from my own room. Then I began cleaning his wounds, slowly I could see his body healing, very slowly. Quite tears fell from my face seeing him this weak.

"It's my entire fault." I finished cleaning his wounds. "If I hadn't have gone to the party, you're be fine. God I'm soo sorry Aneal." I didn't know where the word Aneal came from, but it just popped into my head. I lay next to him curled up feeling horrible.

"Now do you believe me? Of what you are, Fiery Vixen?" He chocked out.

My head snapped up seeing his eyes studying me. "I'm a shape shifter." Then everything caught up with me and my own eyes hazed over.         





The End

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