Pain is ok when its to save you...Mature


I had finished for the day I was running my hands threw my hair, I sighed I couldn't believe Aaliyah had got into trouble again. This place I hated it everybody is out for gossip. I picked up my papers and packing my brief case. Well at least she wasn't in danger any more.

I heard someone clear there throat, I turned around to see Mrs Mackenzie stood in the door was. Her was down and hung in twirls round her face. She smiled at me crossing her arms. “Settling in then Charoum? You have become quite the talk round the school.” She smirked. I thought might as well play along nothing else to do” I walked up to her and looked down.

“Oh am I didn't even notice” I said back, he fluttered her eye lids and put her hand on my shoulder.

“Oh you are fighting for Aaliyah's corner like that people are talking” She stepped closer to me “They make up rumours I think you should watch out here. It's not a nice play when you mess around with the wrong people”

I grabbed her hand off my shoulder and pushed her against the wall “I know I could sense that the day I walked into this school” I whispered into her ear “But I am no normal music teacher and nor are you” We both stared each other showing we both were strong and would not back down. I pulled I put on my long leather coat and picked picked up my helmet.

“I better off I have someone waiting for me” I mocked bowed and walked out of the room, smirking to my-self.

I rode my motor bike to the place we meet everyday. I saw her turn the corner I waited until she took the helmet from me."What was all of that about then?" I asked

She tried to look innocent "Haven't got a clue what you mean." I rolled my eyes

"O yes you do. You don't know how many times I have to defend your honour in that staff room." Looking serious at her for once.

"I can help you with that one." she said grinning at me..

"Yer what?" I pondered hoping she has seen sense.

"Don't go in there. O' I'm going out tonight be back late."She sat on the back of bike as if it wasn't anything out of the ordinary

"No you're not Aaliyah." I said firmly.

I expected her to put up a fight or something but she didn't she just sat there. Once we walked in to the flat all hell let loose.

"You can't tell me what to do!" She screamed I don't know how many times

"I can Aaliyah and I am, you are not going to that party. You don't know what's going to come after you." I was so frustrated with her I ran my hands through my hair and I could my wings twitching.

"Ha don't be stupid; I've being going to parties like this all my life! I know what it's like!" She explained well shouting

"Yer but you're changing! The shape shifter gene being growing inside of you all of your life."She flinched but I kept on talking "You're a rear breed Aaliyah; people will be coming to take you away! You don't understand how valuable your life is." We were face on neither of us backing down.

"You're not my parent, you can't tell me what to do!" She shouted, it hit me hard, I was the only one who was looking for her.

"No I may not be your parents, but I am your guardian angel. And it's my job to protect you." I said softly I could the guilt in her eyes. She turned around and went in her room slamming ther door shut putting her music on loud. I sat down on the sofa. I knew she her birthday was soon. I could sense the shifter growing dominant I knew she would shift soon. I guess she will believe me then. If her emotions a tampered with she could turn early.

I went into the kitchen and did what I always would when I upset my little sister. I made some Cookies. The way to make any one feel better is with food I smiled at my-self at the memory of my little sister.

She was sitting in the garden pouting as she played with her dolls, her face was streaked with tears. I walked behind her put put the plate of Cookies in front of her. She giggled I put the plate down as she leapt into my arms.

Big Brother why does mummy and Daddy hate us so much” She asked. I sighed and stroked her hair.

It is because we are different my Little rose. But to me it is a good thing it makes us unique I promise you one day I will save you. Remember you my little rose amongst the Thorns. When you grow strong I will pick you and take you where nice, and every one will adore you for you beauty

It hurt to be way from her I wished I could smell her hair, hold her close. I shook my head no I needed to luck after Aaliyah. I knocked on the door. I held the tree against me and opened the door with my other had.

I saw the out line of her body in the bed I set tray down on the counter and sat next to her “Im sorry Aaliyah, I just get a little protective of you. You can go to the party but Ill have to be wit you ok” She didn't move. And it didn't look like she was breathing. I pulled back the covers. To see it was cushion. I cursed my-self and jumped out of her window.

I scanned the for hear mind and found it, I followed it I was panicking if she changes now its going to cause a hell of a mess. People could get hurt. Never mind the government are searching for her. I landed and began to run. A group of people were following me. I sped off into the forest. I cursed my-self fo letting them gain.

I was surrounded again. I tired to fight them off put it wast particularity a fair fight. They had me kneed down on the floor with tow people holding my arms behind my back. “Where Aaliyah, I know you are her Guardian. So you have an connection tell me” One Male boomed. I growled at them.

“Screw you” I shouted. He kicked me in the ribs it sent all my air out of me. I hear cranking but I didn't feel it it was like I wasn't there.

“I will ask you again Where's the Shifter” I ignored him. He hit me in the jaw I spat out the blood. This went on for a long time. The blows were harder. Bruises and cuts didn't hurt but I knew they would later on.

“For the last time SHE IS SHE” He growled I could barley keep my eyes open.I saw something shine in his eyes. He swooped down and stabbed me with. White hopt pain sword through my vein I growled at the pain.

“Aaliyah Run Run as fast as you can there coming I cant save you this time I'm sorry” I sent a message to her only know I had realised I could. I heard running. And someone out of breath.

“Did I give you a right to touch my Angel I didn't think so” I wave of relief shot through me knowing she was ok. Put Panic knowing she could get killed now.

The End

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